9 Bad Habits You’re Going To Develop In College

When I was in high school, I wanted nothing more than to take a nap during the middle of the day. I wondered how I could take nap time for granted as a little kid. Don’t we all rebel against it in preschool, when we think that naps are lame and playing house or pretending to be a Power Ranger is much preferred? Buy by my teens, I was always exhausted midday and relished the naps I took in the car on my way home. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that college is nap time central.

It seemed too good to be true at first: Anytime I had a few hours free between classes, I’d nip up to my dorm for a quick nap. This was heaven sent, a way to recharge before another couple of hours of class. But then, it became too much of a good thing and I got reckless. I tried to sneak in naps when I had less than an hour between one class and the next; I’d over sleep and show up late to class; sometimes I’d skip class all together. I low key had a napping addiction, which goes to show that much great power comes great responsibility. This was just one of the bad habits I developed in college, but there were way more. Check out these nine bad habits that every college student develops in college. Keeping a lookout ahead of time will help you avoid too many regretful situations when you get into the swing of college life.

Skipping Class

Skipping a class is so easy to do in college; it's not like your professor is going to call your parents and rat on you. You're human, so skipping a class here or there to work on an essay, study for an exam, or just catch up on some needed sleep isn't the end of the world. But it's really easy to make a habit out of it, especially for those early morning and late evening classes. If you're skipping more than three times in one semester, you're bound to make it a habit. Nip it in the bud before it goes out of control. It really can affect your grade or understanding of a subject if you bail too often.

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Becoming A Dorm Hermit

Dorm hermits basically never leave the dorm except for classes and meal times. While this isn't the end of the world, it can not only be a bit annoying for your roommate to always find you chillin' there (hey, they want some privacy too), but it's also doing a disservice to you. If you end up becoming a dorm hermit, ask yourself why you don't want to leave. Are you anxious? Is this a side effect of depression? Are you just lazy? You're missing out on a lot of fun opportunities, so whether you need to talk to an on campus therapist or find an activity to do, do what you can so that your dorm becomes a place where you sleep and study, not a place where you're hanging out 24/7.

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Socializing A Little Too Much

I'm not just talking about big parties that leave you feeling like garbage the next day. I'm also talking about little get togethers between your friends, maybe at their dorm or on the quad, that you can get a little carried away with. Party it up, binge watch Stranger Things in your friend's room, live your best life, but don't let it trump that history essay you've been putting off all week.


Taking Too Many Naps

As I said in the intro, napping can get way out of control in college. You might think that any and all naps are restorative, but some naps can leave you feeling worse than you would have without taking one, especially if you wake up in the middle of the REM phase of your sleep cycle. If you have a lot of time to kill between classes, you can afford to be flexible. Otherwise, keep your naps to 20-30 minute long power naps so you can feel just rested enough to march on through the rest of your day.

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Eating Too Much In The Dining Hall

Prepaid buffet style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? It sounds nice, especially if the food at your university is poppin'. But all you can eat style dining halls can lead to some serious overeating, which can lead to sluggishness, an out of whack diet, unwanted weight gain, etc. Gaining weight in college is actually pretty normal and isn't the end of the world in any way shape and form, but it doesn't hur tto be more aware of portion sizes. I say this as someone whose eyes are constantly bigger than her stomach. It took me a while to realize that I probably didn't need a massive omelet, hash browns, a side of bacon, and a bowl of cereal every single day.

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Eating Too Much Takeout Or Ordering Too Much Delivery

If you already have a meal plan, constantly ordering take out is a massive waste of money. Yes, variety is the spice of life, so it's totally chill to eat off campus for plenty of meals. But getting into a takeout habit really adds up pretty quickly. Next thing you know, you're spending over $50 a week on delivery! I got in this habit pretty badly in college and I seriously regret it. If you can, try to cook a quick meal in your dorm on days when you don't want to eat in the dining hall.


Buying A Bunch Of Crap You Don't Need

I was a pretty broke college student, yet managed to somehow buy so much crap that I'm actually embarrassed about my college shopping habits to this day. Countless trips to H&M, buying thrift clothes left and right...it's easy to get out of control when you don't need your mom to drive you to the mall anymore, especially if you're shopping with some girls you befriended in the dorms. Try to be mindful of where your cash is going; this goes double for those of you who will receive a refund check from your university to spend however you want. Are you shopping because you actually need new pants or are you just bored?



I don't know why so many anti-smoking ads are aimed toward teenagers. Most of my friends who smoke started smoking in college, and while some have since quit, this is a really hard habit to break, especially if you're under a lot of stress. No matter what, try not to buy your own pack! It'll be way too tempting to smoke more regularly; smoking will go from a thing you do for a few minutes at a party to a full blown addiction in no time.


Binge Drinking

Drinking happens in college. It just does. But if you do decide to drink, that doesn't mean that you have to binge drink. Binge drinking is drinking four drinks within two hours if you're a woman, five drinks if you're a man. It's the most popular form of drinking for underage Americans and it can lead you to a night of puking and a morning of killer headaches. Don't get into the habit of letting this happen to you every single weekend. You deserve to enjoy your Saturday or Sunday morning without it including barf.

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