17 Of The Best Tweets Ever About Being Obsessed With Makeup

Lately, I have found that I don’t really have all that much to say about makeup. Basically, if makeup doesn’t look like something that I can eat, it is hard for me to conjure up any thoughts that many people have not voiced before me in what is probably both a much more articulate and timely manner.

This is possibly because makeup, which has always been a sort of feminist issue, has become a particularly hot-button topic right now. Everyone, it seems–from Alicia Keys who swore off makeup a few months ago, saying that she didn’t want to “cover up anymore,” to the multiple people who have pointed out that makeup actually helps them with their own self-expression, has something to say about the beauty-industrial complex and how it affects them personally–and, as a result, girls and women everywhere.

Personally? I don’t have any particularly deep thoughts on makeup to share in this exact moment. I like to wear makeup myself, though I respect and understand others who do not, and mostly feel that it is not something that most people need to concern themselves with at all if it does not involve them personally. Something that I think most people will be able to involve themselves personally without feeling too political, however, are these tweets about makeup. Basically, if you are obsessed with makeup, these tweets totally get you. If you are not obsessed with makeup at all, these tweets will provide you with an interesting anthropological study. Either way, you should check them out right now:

1. This glo up:




3. Tru:


4. ?????


5. SMH:


6. A beautiful parable:


7. THIS:

8. The motto:


9. Find the lie:


10. Same:


11. Extremely same:




13. I mean…yeah:


14. YUP:


15 😉


16. Hehe:


17. Gorgeous:

Did you laugh at these tweets? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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