11 Cute Ways To Upcycle Old Food Containers

I am a human, and therefore I need food to survive. Obviously, food comes in containers, and once I eat said food, it leaves me with just containers of nothing but air and emptiness. Have you ever looked at an empty cookie tin and thought about how said it is, that there was once food in there, but now it is gone, and the purpose of the tin is now essentially useless? You probably haven’t thought about it because you’re not weird and overthink every little thing like me, but I definitely have felt guilty about throwing out perfectly good pieces of plastic, cardboard or tin cans just because they are empty. Solution: upcycling.

Upcycling is a great way to give life to the old containers that once housed your favorite foods. Sure, you could just throw away an empty pasta box…or you could turn it into an AWESOME organizer for your school books. The choice is obvious, right? It is good for the environment and your budget. You don’t have to go out and buy certain things when you have the material to make them right in your own pantry! Here are some super cute and simple projects you can make with just some empty containers and a little bit of creativity. Check them out below!

1. Use old yogurt containers to create awesome organizers for your pens and pencils.



A super cute and easy way to keep your school supplies look more put together. Don’t have colored school supplies? Add some colored tape to keep everything looking neat and organized! So easy.


2. Make DIY lip balm and put it in an old mint container.



I guess mints aren’t technically “food” but this was such a good idea I just had to share it with you. We all have old mint tins laying around, so an easy way to upcycle them is by making them into lip balm containers!


3. Use old soup cans to create adorable lanterns.



Now that it’s almost autumn, I’m sure we are all getting excited for having soup on a cozy cold night. Is that just me? Anyway, upcycle some old soup cans to make adorable lanterns for your room or backyard!


4. Create a succulent planter out of old yogurt containers.



Another great idea for old yogurt containers is to spray paint them gold to make a unique planter for succulents. Succulents were totally in this summer, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is going away any time soon.


5. Turn a Pringles can into storage for your makeup pads.



You can cut a tiny hole in an old chip container, paint and bedazzle it, and have an awesome way to keep your makeup remover pads.


6. Use old cereal boxes to make a cute DIY journal for school.



As someone who eats a LOT of cereal, upcycling some old cereal boxes is seriously a brilliant idea. You can make a cute notebook like tihs with just some paper!


7. Upcycle an old cookie tin for a creative storage idea!



You know those tins of cookies that your grandma gives you for the holidays? I certainly do, since I have a closet full of them. Luckily, they can be decorated and used for storage for things like jewelry or hair clips. You can even paint it with chalkboard paint so that you can label the top!


8. Use old pasta boxes to create an awesome homework organizer.



If you eat a lot of pasta (maybe you are a college student living on a budget, or just super Italian) you know that pasta boxes can add up over time. A good way to use them is to cover them with duct tape and turn them into an organizational tool.


9. Use an empty mint container to hold your headphones.



Again, mints aren’t technically food, but we all have old mint containers laying around, right? This is a perfect way to upcycle those containers while keeping your headphone nice and untangled.


10. Paint an old soup can for some storage.



Next time you want to throw out an empty can of beans, think twice. You can paint them with a cute pastel color and use it for storage for anything from desk supplies to makeup brushes.


11. Use an empty cereal box to make a smaller notebook.



You can make a little notebook out of basically any type of food container: cereal box, pasta box, etc. They are so cute and easy!


Which of these projects are you going to try? Tell us in the comments!

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