9 Spooky TV Shows To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

We all know that any time after August until October 31st is essentially just Halloween Eve, right? Halloween isn’t just one night: it’s a (two) month-long celebration of spookiness and Halloween memes. I don’t know what it is about the end of September/ early October, but the world collectively decides to be ecstatic about Halloween, even though you have so much time until the actual holiday. You have the entire month to pick your favorite costume and decorate dozens of tiny pumpkins and leave them outside your house, only to eventually forget about them then watch them rot by Thanksgiving.

But ANYWAY, in order to get into the scary spirit, you should watch some creepy things. We’ve given you a list of scary movies, but what about scary TV shows? It can be hard to come across a good scary TV show, because what makes scary movies so good is that you get scared for about 80 percent of the movie, and then it’s over. With TV shows, however, the plot thickens and you are left with weekly cliffhangers and your favorite characters getting murdered left and right. Sounds pretty grim, but, hey, you need something to watch in the background while you’re working on your awesome costume, right? Luckily for you, I’ve compiled this list of scary TV shows that will help you stay in a spooky mood all month long. I am giving you this list now so that you will have time to binge them all just in time for your favorite night of tricks and/or treats (whichever your prefer). Check them out below. Happy (early) Halloween!

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