18 Unique DIY Disney Costume Ideas For Best Friends That Will Impress Everyone

Once upon a time, when people spent $75 on a plastic, cheap-looking Halloween costume from Party City, matching costumes were considered corny, nerdy, and eyeroll worthy. Now, in the year 2016, when people spend a lot of time creating their own costume and even more time searching for them on Pinterest, matching costumes are considered cute, fun, and often really creative. This is true for both couples and costumes and best friend costumes, with the second one arguably being more adorable and less cliche than couples costumes. If you’re searching for the perfect costume for you and your bestie, or you and a few of your besties, why not turn to the world of Disney for ideas?

The boring Disney BFF costumes are the ones everyone has done a million times before: Disney princesses (obviously), Disney couples, and the most popular Disney best friends (Woody and Buzz, Sebastian and Flounder, Mickey and Minnie, etc.). Those are cute, sure, but there are so many other options out there that aren’t being explored. I mean, why do the same thing as hundreds of other people when you could opt for a unique DIY costume that will impress everyone? It’s even more fun with your BFF by your side. Here are 18 DIY Disney costumes for best friends you need to check out now:

Which one of these DIY Disney BFF costumes is your favorite? Who have you dressed up as? Let me know in the comments.

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20 Unique DIY Disney Costumes You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

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