7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Buzz Cut Right Now

There’s an epidemic going around, and the only thing it’s killing is the style game, and I am 10000000 percent here for it. So, what is it? Buzz cuts. Girls/femme people with buzz cuts. I can’t seem to go a month without another one of my friends falling victim to this look and absolutely rocking it.

None of your friends are as bald and beautiful as mine TBH ✂️❤️?

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They’ve been rocking it so hard, in fact, that I’ve thought about doing the deed myself. If my hair wasn’t already pretty short and didn’t take ages to grow, I might actually go for it. But even though I’m not picking up a pair of clippers right now, I’m all in favor of those who are.

While women having short hair used to be controversial, I think that most of our society is at a point now where a woman rocking a bob isn’t all that newsworthy. Sure, there are still straight dudes out there who prefer women with long hair than short hair, but frankly, who cares what they think? Still, men aside, a woman deciding to shave off all of their hair still makes many of us clutch our pearls. A pixie cut we can handle, but a buzz cut? There’s this assumption attached to it that suggests that women just don’t do that unless they’re having a crazed episode or they’re trying to be a skinhead or something. It really makes you think about the value that is attached to the dead cells that grow out of a woman’s head. No matter what reason one might have for shaving their head, a woman daring to walk around with such a short cut is a bold move by default, a defiant “f**k you” to society’s strict rules and regulations on femininity.

So, have you been dying to do something a little different with your hair or your look in general. Maybe a buzz cut is the very thing you didn’t know you needed. If you still need some convincing, check out these seven reasons why you should get a buzz cut right now. Be bold! After all, even if you’re scared, it’ll all grow back eventually.

You Can Play Around With A Lot Of Fun Looks

Buzzcuts are traditionally viewed as a masculine hairstyle, so why not play that up with an androgynous look. Go dapper with collared, button-up blouses, dark blazers, and trousers, or rock a more casual look with wide leg pants, a band top, and sneakers. Or, you can subvert the buzz cut's connection to masculine looks by going ultra feminine with your style. Rock some sheer, airy dresses and mini skirts.


You Can Have A Lot More Fun With Makeup And Accessories

A lot of hair can be a distraction and, frankly, a bit of a style crutch. When you don't have that crutch to lean on anymore, you've got to get creative. If you're up for the challenge, that means you can have a lot more fun with your accessorizing and makeup. Rock some bold earrings that would normally be hidden by your locks, or decide to finally try your hand at highlighter and make your cheekbones really pop.


It's The Perfect Look If You've Wanted To Do Something Dramatic To Your Hair

You've dyed the crap out of your hair. You've had long hair and short hair. You've done all you're willing to do with your hair, and you're officially bored with it again. Buzzing off your hair is pretty much the final frontier as far as hairstyles go, right? So why not give it a whirl? Even if you haven't rocked a lot of hairstyles, if you're thirsty for something dramatic that you've never done before, this is the move.

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It's A Quick Fix To Getting Rid Of Damaged Hair

Whether it's too many dye jobs or breakage, or chemical straightening turning your hair into a limp, crispy mess, damaged hair can really do a number on you. You can just get a haircut to try to start anew...or you can really start anew by shaving all of your hair off. Hey, it's fine if you don't want the buzzed look permanently, it could just be something you rock temporarily while you give your roots some tender love and care.


It's Super Low Maintenance

No more detangling, going through a bottle of conditioner in record time, waiting for your hair to dry...this is probably the most low maintenance hair style you'll ever have. Sure, once your hair grows in a little more, you might want to keep it maintained by making sure your edges are on point, and you might even decide to dye your hair. But for the most part? It sure beats wrestling your hair in the shower.


It Just Looks Badass

Like...this is an undeniable fact, right? Can we all agree on that? Theres something inherently powerful and bold about a woman/femme person having a buzz cut. Maybe it's because we subconsciously see it as a bit of a taboo, or because everyone's cheekbones look fly AF when all that hair is out of the way. Whatever the reason, that should be enough of a draw for those of you who have an edgier sense of style.

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It's A Fresh Start

There's something about a new hairstyle that feels like someone pushed a reset button, you know? You probably shouldn't make such a drastic move when you're upset (like our girl Britney), but maybe you can look at buzzing your hair as a fresh start nevertheless. New school year, new chapter of your life, a new look at your future (hopefully a bright one)...accompanying these feelings of renewal with a new do can make everything feel more real.

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Would you ever get a buzz cut? Tell us in the comments!

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