10 Creepy AF DIY Halloween Costumes For You And Your Best Friend

There are so many DIY Halloween costume ideas that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Want to be a mermaid? There are countless options to pick from. Love Barbie? You have the entire range to be inspired by. Want to go with a more “mature” theme? Well, you can try a peen-themed costume. Really. And if you want to get your BFF involved with your costume, there are even more creative choices. Want to be something spooky and creep out everyone you know? It’s always more fun to do that with your bestie by your side, so why not try one of these creepy AF costumes?

If you’re not into couples costumes, best friend ones are totally different. They don’t have any of the cheese factor that often makes couples costumes cringe-worthy. You can even get your entire squad involved and create an epic group costume.

If you want to keep it to just you and your BFF, that’s cool. And if you want to take things down the traditional creepy Halloween route, there are actually some great ideas. Evil twins is just the starting point, although there are tons of different costumes that involve that theme (as you’ll see in a minute). Get inspired with these 10 spooky costume ideas for you and your best friend. They’re easy to pull off, totally Instagrammable, and will impress everyone at whatever costume party you two show up for. You might even end up scaring yourselves!

Grady Twins

The Shining's Grady Twins just might be the creepiest set of twins there ever was. The best part about the idea is it is pretty easy to recreate provided you have two blue dresses you don't mind getting bloody.


Scary Twins

Imagine if Samara from The Ring had a sister. The result would be something like this. Just looking at the photo of these two is probably going to give me nightmares, so imagine how effective the costume will be IRL.


Spooky Schoolgirls

Don't limit yourself to just well-known twins. You can dream up your own version of a creepy duo. Need more inspiration? These ghoulish schoolgirls definitely fit all of the requirements.



Skeletons are a classic Halloween look. If you and your BFF are both into makeup, ditch the spandex skeleton bodysuits and show off your painting skills. She can do your makeup then you can do hers.


Bloody Twins

When in doubt, add some fake blood and a (fake) sword, and you're guaranteed to frighten people. When there is two of you in matching outfits holding said sword, it somehow makes things more creepy.


Conjoined Twins

These twins don't even need the blood, guts, and gore to creep you out. There's just something eerie about them the way they are with their matching hair, unreadable faces, and striped tights. Surely that makes it worth being attached to your friend all night?


Dark Circus Siamese Twins

If you want to take your #twinning game to a creepy level, draw inspiration from these two BFFs. If you and your best friend can strike the same poses on Halloween, it'll make this look even better.


White And Black Swan

There's no rule that says you both have to be creepy. One of you could be the White Swan, while the other can be the Black Swan. However, if you want to change as the night goes on, I'm not going to stop you. In fact, I would probably encourage it.

Frightening Dolls

If you and your BFF were cute dolls for Halloween before, you can repurpose those costumes into creepy ones with a bit of black and some scary makeup.


Freaky Cartoon Faces

Are you and your best friend not the best at Halloween makeup? No worries. These costumes are about the masks. Some white and black paint and cardboard are all you need to recreate them. And don't worry if your masks aren't perfect. They'll actually look better if they're a little messy.


Have you ever dressed up with your friend for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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