14 “Just Girly Things” You’ll Actually Be Able To Relate To

If you are a person who has been on the internet on at least one occasion over the course of your life (as all clues indicate is, indeed, the case in this particular moment), I expect that you are familiar with the concept of “just girly things.” You know, the meme that lists random characteristics that generally go along with being a human person who lives in the modern world–like “rolling over to the cold side of the pillow” or “finding that pair of shorts that fit just right,” ascertain that they are specific solely to the female gender, and expect all girls ever to relate to them wholeheartedly? Like this:


And this:



You’d be hard-pressed to find many people who genuinely relate to “just girly things” in the classic sense now, of course. The just girly things meme has been parodied so many times over that it has reached the point in which it is almost impossible to differentiate between the ones that are done in earnest and those that are done as a joke–for example, a just girly things post that says something like”building walls around you so that no one can hurt you” may be just as likely to have a photo of, like, Donald Trump attached to it as it might the standard stock image model-type that you’d probably expect.

Recently, though, I’ve found some just girly things memes that perfectly bridge the gap between irony and earnesty–check them out here:

1. Like, uh, literally everything here:



2. Same!



3. Again–extremely relatable:



4. Welp:

just girly things


5. When your period gets so bad you want to destroy one of your most vital organs >>>>>



6. When your sign reveals literally everything about you >>>>



7. When you enjoy things that literally all humans on earth enjoy >>>>



8. Living for music >>>>>



9. When music is life >>>>>



10. PLanning a vacation with your BFF>>>>


11. Feeling fresh-faced and natural >>>>


12. Opening the camera on front view >>>>>


13. Bringing new life into the world >>>>

14. When femininity is always inherently beautiful >>>>

Just girly things.

Do you, too, find these to be appropriately relatable “just girly things”? Which ones were your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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