12 Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You’ll Actually Wear All Season

Just like fashion, beauty trends switch up every season. For fall, makeup trends are pretty predictable: we trade bright summer colors for darker, more muted shades, and there are always some more unique options to try. The only problem with that last part? Most of these new and different trends look awesome on the runways, when supermodels are showing them off while wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothes, but in real life, they fall a little flat. They’re usually either so over the top that they look more like part of a Halloween costume than something you’d ever wear to school or work, or they’re too fancy and bold for everyday wear – and how often are you really getting all dressed up to go out? Don’t you want to see some makeup trends that you’ll actually wear?

I do, personally. I love looking at interesting runway beauty looks, especially since I often end up going backstage at shows, and listening to a 10 minute presentation on why a nude nail polish was chosen is a complete snoozefest (this happened to me a minimum of five times last season). They’re fun and exciting, and they breathe life into the fashion world, but when they’re totally unrealistic, it’s kind of a bummer. Like, I want to find new makeup trends I can try, not just ones I can ooo and aah at in a magazine.

So, this season, instead of collecting a bunch of photos of models in impractical makeup, I put together a list of fall makeup trends you’re actually going to wear. Not just to fancy events, not just on date night, but during the day and when you’re hanging with your friends. Promise! These are accessible and pretty simple, so even beginners should be good here. Get ready to try some new (or old but new for the last few months) makeup ideas!

Messy Brows

Say goodbye to the Instagram brow - messy brows are in for fall. Personally, I'm thrilled. While the Instagram brow, AKA that perfectly arched and shaped eyebrow on every makeup artist in America, was way too perfect for me. For fall, eyebrows still look thick and shaped, but they aren't perfect, and they're brushed more up than exactly in place. This trend allows you to give yourself time between shaping/waxing/plucking (whatever you choose) and encourages your brows to look, well, imperfect. I'm a fan.

Want to achieve this very simple look? Instead of using a pencil to draw a shape and then filling your brows in until they look like a painting, use a soft pencil to fill in, then brush your brows up with a fiber wand that will give fullness and volume (I personally recommend Benefit Cosmetics' Gimmie Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, $24). You may need to trim your brow hairs differently - mine are long, so I have to trim them instead of just plucking.

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Glittery Eyes

One of the biggest makeup trends on the runways for this season was glitter, specifically in the eye area. This shouldn't come as a surprise, considering so many late '90s/early '00s trends are coming back - glitter was obviously next. But, as we all know, glitter can be difficult to wear. It can easily look tacky and too young, or it can veer on the edge of way too fancy. If the formula stinks, it gets all over your face, which isn't what you're going for!

If you want to look on trend and make this look work for more every day occasions, try a glitter eyeliner, like this girl did. Layered with black liquid liner, it looks gorgeous and subtle, but still stands out. Pat McGrath makes amazing gold glittery eye makeup, but it's sold out (if you can get your hands on Pat McGrath's Lust 004, do it). For a much cheaper option, NYX Crystal Champagne is less than $5 before tax and is a beautiful glittery gold liner.

Source: Instagram

Bright, '80s Inspired Colors

The '80s are another decade slowly making a comeback in the beauty and fashion world. In terms of makeup, that means bright and bold colors that were spotted all over the runways. Models wore anything from a rainbow of shades on their eyelids to neon lipsticks and crazy mascaras. Most of us aren't going to go quite as hard with the bright makeup trend, because while it looks fun, it's also A Look that requires commitment.

But that doesn't mean it's impossible to make it work for school or work! In small does, bright colors look gorgeous and really add dimension to your look. I love what this Instagram star did - a swipe of blue liner under (or on your lids) your eyes makes a statement without being too much. With nude lips and a neutral shadow, it works for the daytime. Try using Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in Aqua XL I-24 to do this on your own.

Source: Instagram

Peach Shades

Peach is normally a color reserved for spring or summer, because, obviously, that's when these shades tend to be most popular - light, airy, colorful tones like peach are worn more in the warmer weather. But this fall, you might want to keep it around. Peach was seen all over, whether in lipstick, eye shadow, or blush form. It's a flattering color that is a nice break from darker hues, and works even better for a daytime look.

Want to test it out? Kylie Cosmetics Dirty Peach lip kit isn't sold out yet, and looks awesome on almost any skin tone.

Source; Instagram

Graphic Eyeliner

Like so many other seasons past, the fall runways showed off models strutting their stuff featuring eyes with the coolest eyeliner looks ever. I feel like I read about graphic eyeliner as a trend almost every season, and then I see absolutely no one try it out IRL, which is a bummer. Graphic liner looks so cool, but looking at intimidating photos of models with the stuff all over their lids doesn't exactly make anyone want to try it at home.

The good news? You can incorporate graphic liner into your every day makeup routine with a few tweaks. One example: the double wing. It stands out but is still subtle, and looks so cool. To get the look, use a liquid liner with a marker tip so it's easy to draw with - I personally love Too Faced Sketch marker which comes in lots of shades and is only $20.

Source: Instagram

Dark Lips

Surprise, surprise - dark lips are in for fall. I'm sure no one is shocked, but it's always nice to return to dark lipsticks after a summer of pinks and nudes and bright berries. This season, the dark lip trend is taking on a slightly different spin. Instead of just wearing dark lipstick, models showed off more of a dark stain (a little less perfect and dabbed on more), along with feathered lips and a dot of gloss in the middle.

Get the look at home with a dark lipstick and a great matching liner. Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Damned is a dark cherry shade that is to die for.

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Lots Of Black Liner

One of the biggest makeup trends this fall is smudgy black eyeliner. This is another nod to the early 2000s, when black eyeliner ruled the makeup world. Instead of just ringing your eyes in the stuff, though, try smudging it gently for a softer smokey eye that's still pretty intense. I personally have been obsessed with Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Crayon, which is easy to blend and smudge, but also fine to leave on its own. It's $24 and comes in lots of different shades, but obviously, you might want black for this trend.

Source: Instagram

Twiggy Eyelashes

I've been hearing whispers about the re-emergence of Twiggy lashes for what feels like forever, but they were especially prevalent on the fall runways. In case you aren't aware, Twiggy eyelashes are long and voluminous, but they're also clumpier in an almost spider-leg kid of way, which doesn't exactly sound appealing. How do you make such a fashiony look work for any daytime makeup?

I suggest just applying a few coats of mascara until your lashes are slightly clumped - basically, imperfect mascara. Right now, I'm obsessing over Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara, which costs less than $5 and works SO WELL. It will make your lashes long, full of volume, and Twiggy-esque.

Source: Instagram

Blue Eye Shadow

In the beginning of the summer, I wrote about how blue eyeshadow was one of the biggest makeup trends for the season. Then, aside from celebrities on the red carpet, I barely saw anyone attempt it. I get it - blue shadow can be intimidating because it's easy to mess up. But take a beauty risk! Dark blue looks a little bit less in-your-face than a powdery or light blue. Use it as eyeliner, swipe some on your eyelids for a cool makeup look, or even take the plunge with mascara.

Source: Instagram

Glossy Lips

Yet another early 2000s trend that is here to stay (for now) is lip gloss. This fall, it fashion shows featured models layering gloss over other colors, like deep berries or bright reds. You can also opt for a nude gloss if you'd prefer to do something more subtle. I've been loving Tarte Glossy Lip Paint which comes in so many different shades and feels amazing on your lips. It's not too sticky, it has a great pigment, and the names of the colors - my favorite is WCW, a deep berry - are on point. You can't go wrong at $20, either!

Source: Instagram

Glowing Complexions

Look, it me! I had to use this selfie I posted on Instagram because I was really proud of my glowy makeup look that day. This fall, like this past summer, glowing complexions and a natural, dewy look are still reigning high over contoured sculpted perfection. To which I say, yes please. Not to sound like your douchey guy friend who can't stop telling girls they're beautiful without makeup, but the natural look is SO pretty, and it's refreshing for fall when so many shades get darker and more intense.

To get my glow on in this photo, I first used Becca Backlight Priming Filter, $38, which gives your skin a nice perfecting shimmer you'll be obsessed with. I topped it with bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, $29.50 my absolute favorite tinted moisturizer that I have used obsessively this summer. It gives enough coverage for foundation, but it's not matte - it makes your skin look glowy without looking cakey and feels so light and amazing. Guys, I can't get enough.

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Grape Lips

To be honest, I can't be quite sure about how grape lips is a different shade than berry or just dark lips in general, but I'll get behind it! I love a berry shade, and if you want to call it grape, that's fine with me. Swipe this on if you want to try something darker but not too dark. I love Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick in Graphic Grape for $22 - it feels and looks great.

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Which makeup trend is your favorite for fall? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!

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