10 Things You Need To Stop Being So Prudish About

When I was a teenager, the most rebellious thing I did was wear weird clothes, curse around my friends, and go to punk gigs. Otherwise, I was pretty much a parent’s dream: I didn’t drink, do drugs, smoke, have sex, nothing. I wasn’t opposed to any of that stuff, exactly, and I was far from conservative. Still, there were little things here and there that I found hard to respect. I remember thinking that trashy girls wore thongs and losing respect for my friends whenever I found out they smoked pot. Let the record show that this was in the era of visible thong, the concept of “slut shaming” wasn’t really a thing yet, and I had no problem watching stoner classics like Dazed and Confused or shows like Skins where teen debauchery was the primary theme.

Frankly, I was a judgemental bitch who was full of contradictions and almost lost friends for pretty harmless behavior. I was like a punky Millie from Freaks and Geeks:

millie freaks and geeks high on life

Deep down, my judgements were probably based on other fears, like that fear that your friends decided that you weren’t cool to hang out with anymore, or that fear of trying something outside of your comfort zone. But these fears manifested in some seriously cringeworthy ways that I sincerely regret. Luckily, I grew out of it, but I wish I learned to be less prudish earlier on. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who don’t seem to mature out of their pearl clutchy instincts and are, honestly, pretty irritating to be around as a result. Trust, you don’t want to be one of those people. Check out these 10 things you need to stop being prudish about so you can be a better, more accepting person. It might take a lot of unlearning, but the less garbage people there are out there, the better.

Women Having Body Hair

A friend of mine was on the subway a while back and had to hold on to a railing to keep her balance. Her armpits were pretty hairy since she didn't shave for a while. She noticed that a group of women on the train were gawking at her and trying to be subtle about it. These were grown women, okay? How embarrassing is that? These women were so brainwashed by the idea that women must be perfect, hairless beings that they couldn't even act mature about seeing a woman who decided to defy the status quo. Please, don't grow up to be those women. You're better than that.

Sarah Wintner Illustration

Boobs Boobs Boobs

We all need to be a lot more chill about boobs. Yes, I know, the whole "free the nipple" thing got obnoxious at times, but the heart behind it is real; breasts are demonized for no reason. Boobs are so harmless, like, who cares if you see someone's nipple on Instagram or if someone decides to go topless at the beach? There are moms out there who can't even breastfeed in public without being shamed. We're more worried about someone seeing a little bit of titty in this country than gun violence. Maybe we should check our priorities a little bit.


People Challenging Gender Norms

It's the 21st century and people are still clutching their pearls at dudes wearing dresses and girls shaving their heads. Honestly, if people want to tweak and play around with gender norms, why is it anything to get worked up about? How does that affect your day? Seriously. Dazed Digital

Your Friends Having Sex

The only thing you need to be concerned about re: your friend having sex is consent and protection. Was this a consensual sexy time? Yes? Cool. Did they use protection? Yes? Awesome. Wow, it's almost like...the world didn't collapse into itself or something. You might not be interested in having sex anytime soon for whatever reason, and that's valid too. But don't inflict your beliefs onto others, pass judgement, and then expect to still have friends for much longer.

Freaks And Geeks

Gay People Kissing

Maybe it's because I've been spoiled by super progressive circles my entire life, but it's so wack that we're this deep into the 21st century and gay couples still can't kiss their baes without receiving gawking stares or glares of disapproval. Nobody should be afraid to be affectionate with their partner in public just because of their sexual orientation. Negative reactions just embolden violence against those groups, remember that next time you and your friends gawk at a gay couple kissing.

The Get Down

Overweight People Living Their Damn Lives

Despite the popularity in body positivity over the last few years, the reality is this: Overweight people are treated like garbage in our society, and you shouldn't be contributing to that. An overweight girl can't post a photo of herself in a prom dress without the internet clowning her. And what about the fact that overweight people can't go to the grocery store without people scrutinizing their cars and concern trolling about health ("I just want them to be healthy!" You don't know this person, do you honestly care?). OMG, so you see an overweight person daring to wear a crop top. Stop gawking and get a life.

My Mad Fat Diary

Your Friends Doing Things You Don't 100 Percent Approve Of

We all have friends who are a lot riskier with their behavior than we are. Instead of lecturing them or resenting them, it's more important to make sure that they're engaging in whatever vice as safely as possible. Hard drugs? Definitely something to be alarmed by. But your friend smoking pot at a part three weeks ago? Yeah, not worth ending a friendship over.


Friends Having Different Religious/Cultural Beliefs Than You

Here's the general rule of thumb: As long as someone's beliefs aren't in favor of the oppression or harm of others, who cares if you don't see eye to eye with it? If your religious and your friend is starting to identify as an atheist, you're going to look like a total jerk if you try to correct their path or something. Not everyone is going to share your religious beliefs, grow up. Same sentiment can be applied to someone who is irreligious who feels some kind of way about Islam. Grow. Up.

Some Girls

Marginalized People Protesting

You don't have to follow sports to be aware of the controversy facing football player Colin Kaepernick right now. He has decided to take a knee while the national anthem has played during football games as an act of protest against police brutality, racism, and other political ills. Of course, people have been going crazy about it, accusing him of being un-American, a disgrace, etc. Um, isn't one of the best things about America the fact that we have the right to express ourselves openly? When you see marginalized people protesting, don't look at it as some personal affront to you, but instead as an affront to injustice and a call for necessary improvements. No country is perfect, and it's fair for the people who are hurt the most to complain about it.


Transgender Rights

It's actually infuriating how much people get caught up with invalidating transgender people's identities. Not just because it's annoying, but this invalidation is what keeps oppressive anti-trans bathroom laws alive and leaves transgender black women murdered. Your overanalyzing isn't more important than someone's right to live.

Orange Is The New Black

What do you tend to be judgemental about? Tell us in the comments!

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