12 Fun Things Every Couple Should Do Together At Least Once

When you’re in a relationship, date night should be fun – something to look forward to, an activity to do that doesn’t involve Netflix or your couch or your favorite pair of sweatpants that make your butt look good. Date night should be a little out of the box, a little bit exciting, and a way to make your relationship less, well, boring (long-term relationships can get boring. It happens!). Unfortunately, date night often turns into the same old routine – your favorite restaurant, a movie, maybe mini golf. It basically turns into a cliche date, and while that can definitely be fun, it’s not the best, you know? There are some much more fun things every could should do together at least once that a lot of people probably aren’t doing.

Even if you think your relationship doesn’t need a boost of something new, it might! It’s always a good idea to do new things together, especially if they’re a little unique. So, when I saw this Ask Reddit thread on things every couple should do together, I wanted to share it. These aren’t all for date night – some are a little bit more elaborate, others are more simple – but they’re all great ideas and excellent ways for a couple to bond and make memories. Here are a few things every couple should do together at least once – or, really, more than once. Add your ideas in the comments!

Make A Pillow Fort

hashbrownsarecool: Grab a few chairs, some blankets and a few pillows and build a fort/tent, and watch a couple of movies together or play board games. Guaranteed fun times and cuddles.

If you guys have no money to go anywhere or just can't plan something more elaborate, try this cute pillow fort idea. It's just a more fun and cozy way to Netflix and chill, basically, but hey - it's still something different!

Have Controversial Debates

twilightjumper: When on long car rides together, listen to podcasts that teach you something or which discuss some sort of controversial topic. My wife and I will listen to things like Radio Lab, 99% Invisible or This American Life while on long car rides. Quite often we will pause the show to discuss our thoughts on the show's topic. This has led to many great hours of interesting, intelligent conversation between us where we have gotten to learn a lot about each other and the point of view we have on many things in the world. It's a great bonding tool, plus you learn some nifty cool shit along the way.

Okay, so it doesn't need to be a podcast, but anything you can do that will spark some kind of debate between you two is a good idea. Talking about something controversial or something you know you don't agree on seems intimidating, because it can easily lead to an argument, but it's a really excellent way of getting to know each other and pushing each other's limits. Couples need to be able to disagree on stuff in a healthy way in order to be stronger, and this is a good way to learn that.

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Conquer A Fear Together

ligamentary: Conquer a fear together. For my husband and I we both had a deathly fear of white water rafting. It brings you closer together, teaches valuable communication skills, and is a memory you can cherish well into your old age.

Getting through a fear together is such a great bonding experience. It doesn't have to be something huge, but figure out what you're both afraid of or what freaks you out, and just force yourselves to do it. Last summer, my boyfriend and I tried zip lining in Costa Rica together. We weren't thrilled about the heights and we were both really nervous, but we did it, and it was such a great time. Try it!

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Have A Cliche Date

UnnamedNamesake: Have a gimmick date (tunnel of love, drinking from the same milkshake, walk down the beach barefoot holding hands, eating from the same strand of a spaghetti noodle until you kiss, etc.), and make fun of how cliche it is while secretly enjoying every second of it.

No one wants to be that lovey-dovey couple doing all of the basic things they can think of, but sometimes you need a corny, cliche date night together. Last fall, my boyfriend and I went apple picking together, with is such a cliche date idea that we felt a little dorky doing it... but then we had so much fun and it was honestly adorable. We're doing it again this year! Plan something that feels silly and stupid, and I bet you'll both have more fun than you think.

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Go Camping

Two_kids_two_pugs: Camping. Real, no shower, middle of nowhere, tent camping. You learn a lot about your SO in that situation, and its insanely fun!

If you guys can swing this and get away, just the two of you, for a weekend or even one night, do it. Camping together is a great way to learn more about each other and really see what the other one is like in a no frills situation. Plus, it's fun!

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Play Games Together

11. KitchenSwillForPigs: Pokemon Go has been wonderful for my relationship. Things have been kind of tense, and having an excuse to go outside and work together to find Pokemon has been really good for us. It's cool getting to explore places on foot, and finding new Pokemon is rather gratifying.

Any kind of board game or interactive game like Pokemon Go is great for a couple. A lot of people like to make fun of Pokemon Go, but it has definitely done some positive things!

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Learn Something New Together

OKsunny76: Learn something new together. Whether it be a foreign language, how to make sushi, knit, paint, etc. Studies show that the feel good chemical is released when you are learning something new and when you learn with someone you subconsciously associate feeling good with that person. So, not only do you learn something new (which is a confidence builder in itself) you bond with your SO on a deeper level.

This sounds like such a cliche way for a couple to bond, but there's a reason for that - it works! You guys can do anything, like taking an art class or even just doing one of those Paint Nights. Try anything from different exercise classes to teaching yourselves how to cook. It's a new way to have fun and do something different and bond.

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Go On A Road Trip

Jilltro: Go on a road trip. Road trips are so much fun with the right person, and I think it's also an important relationship milestone. How do you cope when you miss the exit, or you feel sick because he insisted on stopping somewhere that had all you can eat chicken and waffles.

There are few better ways to get to know someone and feel really close to them than to take a long car ride. If you guys are able to, go on a long road trip to a cool destination and stay over a few nights. If you can't do an overnight trip, just take a road trip somewhere a few hours away.

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Stay In A Hotel Close By

naked_as_a_jaybird: Stay at a hotel in/near the city where you live. Explore parts of your city you don't often see by walking around. This works best if you live in the suburbs/outskirts of a fairly decent-sized city... like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Denver, etc...

Taking trips somewhere new and different and far away is so much fun - but sometimes, you can do something close to home and have the same amazing time. If you guys feel like you need to do something different but can't swing a big trip, book a room in a hotel near where you live. You can either spend the night in the hotel just hanging out and relaxing or you can explore the area and pretend you don't live there.

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Go To A Concert

Werelowongas: My boyfriend and I go to concerts together 4 times a year or so. There is nothing better than seeing a band you both just jam out to. Blink 182 next month. Can't wait.

It sounds blah and a little weird on this list, but going to a concert as a couple is a great date idea. You never remember how awesome a good concert can make you feel until you're there - and it's a nice bonding experience when it's a band or singer you both love.

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Look At The Stars

theWisdomTeeth: Two things I've done: If you have a truck or know someone who does, blow up an air mattress in the back of it. Load it up with pillows and blankets, grab something nice but easy to eat and drive somewhere random and rural. Lay out under the stars and watch a movie together. Bonus points if you live somewhere cold (me Edmonton AB Canada) and make it so you're defying nature by being warm.

This is beyond adorable and totally cliche, but also so nice. The weather this time of year is perfect for this activity. It's so romantic!

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Do Something For The Other Person

mediocreterran: You don't always have to do something with your SO. Occasionally, try doing something completely selfless for them. It is a wonderful way to tie your bond a little stronger.

Sometimes it's nice to do something that your partner wants to do, just for them. Example: my boyfriend loves cars and anything to do with them. I couldn't be less interested. A few years ago, he wanted to go to a car show for two days and he wanted me to come - there were about a million other ways I would have rather spent my weekend, but I went for him and only for him. I can't say I had a great time at the car show, but me being there made him so happy that it made me feel happy. He was so excited to show me everything and talk to me about everything, and I knew it was important to him. Sometimes you just need to do that kind of thing!

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Have you ever tried any of these date night ideas? Which was your favorite? What did we forget? Let me know in the comments!

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