21 Tweets That Perfectly Describe You When You Try To Flirt

If you have ever attempted the ritual of human mating that revolves around demonstrating sexual attraction to a person, but only in a non-serious manner–otherwise known as “flirting”–you’ll know that it’s hard. But, then again, everything is hard. Talking to people is hard. Having a crush is hard. Life is hard!

Flirting is particularly tough, however, because it combines all of the aforementioned, objectively difficult factors of being a human person–talking, having a crush, and life itself–into one potentially face-reddening, mortifying occasion. Sound like you? If so, we’ve got a few things for you–first of all, you need to check out some of these flirting tips. And, secondly, you’ve got to check out these tweets about flirting, talking to a crush, and everything in between, that will definitely make you feel a little better about your own flirting skills:

1. You’ve got some nice lines:


2. Good moves, too:


3. I mean. Who could resist?


4. You’re not afraid to take risks:


5. Except when your friends get involved??? Which is so rude??


6. If all else fails, you have your cooking skills and cunning wordplay to entice anyone:


7. You go to great lengths to let your crush know you’re available:


8. *Wink*


9. *Lick*


10. If you’re looking great on Snapchat and your crush hasn’t watched your story yet, you know just what to say:


11. You are, in almost every flirting situation, either the girl or guy here:


12. Same:


13. Extremely same:


14. Welp:


15. Hey, it happens:


16. Seems reasonable:


17. *Devil emoji*


18. You on Tinder:


19. You on Tinder part 2:


20. You IRL:


21. Hey, like I said–flirting is hard:

Did you laugh at these tweets? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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