20 Unique DIY Disney Halloween Costumes You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

It wouldn’t be Halloween without spotting at least five different Disney character costumesat least. Disney has managed to take over a lot of things, and Halloween is definitely one of them, with cartoon character costumes and princess outfits regular fan favorites. It doesn’t matter how many years in a row you see girls dressed up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid or a sexy version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast or a racist version of Pocahontas – it continues to happen, and it probably already will. No one can blame you for wanting to take costume inspiration from your favorite childhood movies, but don’t you want to wear something you aren’t going to see on someone else? If your heart is set on Disney costumes, at least try one of these unique ideas. 

You’re never going to stand out or win a costume party if you’re dressed in the same $85 princess costume as ten other girls – and, at this point in the Halloween circuit, you won’t even win if you’re in a more elaborate DIY costume. You need to pick a smaller character, one who is often overlooked – or one who seems so complicated to dress up as that many people avoid it altogether. Looking for ideas? We’ve got a whole bunch that you’re going to love so much, you’ll want to do multiple costumes (I totally support that). Get creative and start thinking outside the box. These 20 unique Disney costumes will definitely be the life of any party:

Which of these Disney costumes is your favorite? Who’s your favorite Disney character? Share in the comments!

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