9 Super Easy Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You Aren’t Lazy

If you are anything like me, sometimes your laziness shows, and it can be embarrassing. Maybe you show up to school wearing sweatpants with stains you didn’t notice until second period, or your friend calls you out for cancelling plans seven times in a row. Whatever the situation, it can be awkward to show off your laziness. Being a secret lazy girl is the better option – everyone takes you seriously, but you still get to do nothing behind the scenes. Hiding this laziness is an art that takes time to master. After all, while there’s nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes, if everyone starts to think of you as that way, it could come back to hurt you – that’s why you need to learn some ways to trick people into believing you aren’t lazy.

There are ways to make it ~appear~ to the outside world that you are not actually a lazy person. By using these simple tips, you can trick everyone into thinking you are actually a super productive and important member of society, even if all you do it take naps and eat Oreos. The easiest way to seem energetic is to try and seem in control of your life. By doing little things like being more aware of your appearance or skipping a nap, you’ll  have everyone thinking you’re super on top of things. Check out these easy things you can do so that you don’t become “the lazy one” of your friends.

Iron Your Clothes

The easiest thing you can do to not have yourself labeled as "the lazy girl" is to have nice, clean clothes that smell good and are wrinkle-free. Even if you just pulled them out from the bottom of your dirty clothes pile, you can still look fabulous by ironing them and spraying them wth some Febreze. Are you too lazy to even iron? Then you can hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will iron them out for you. You're welcome.

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Ask For Help If You Need It

Contrary to popular belief, it's actually not lazy to ask for help with things. Whether it's homework or some chore your parents asked you to do, asking for help is much better that not doing anything at all. It's not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you really want to be good at what you're doing!

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Don't Make Plans You Can't Keep

If you're not in the mood to hang out with your friends, don't make plans with them. You'll just end up cancelling anyway, which would just make you seem lazy, even if you're not. The worst thing a lazy girl can do it promise a ton of people that she'll go to the mall with them, but then end up cancelling to take a nap. It's totally fine to skip the mall, just don't make the plans in the first place!

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Do Your Makeup (The Lazy Way)

Doing makeup can take time, but if you learn some lazy girl-approved makeup routines, it will make you seem like you are a super put-together person. Nobody will think that a girl with amazing lipstick is lazy, right? By wearing makeup, you'll have the confidence you need to channel your inner supergirl.

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Use A Planner

Nothing makes you look more organized than a color-coded planner that shows you are ready to take on the world. Carrying around a planner makes anyone look important. Even if the only thing in it is a bunch of drawings or stickers, it makes you seem like you know what you're doing.  Bring your planner EVERYWHERE so that people look at you and say, "hey, this girl knows what she's doing, there is no way she is lazy."

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Make Lists

You can trick your peers- and yourself!- into being productive by writing down lists in your brand-new planner. This will keep you more organized and on top of things, which will help you appear as if you are the least-laziest girl on earth. It will also help you keep track of your homework assingments so you can actually get them done, instead of avoiding them, which most lazy girls do.

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Don't Dress Like A Lazy Girl

It can be easy to wear an over-sized sweater and some leggings every day, but it might make you seem a little too lazy. Try wear something comfy but also mature, like casual dress or a cute skirt and sweater, so that people will think you actually put effort into what you wear, which will make you seem a lot more grown-up! Grown-ups are not lazy, right?

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Stop Napping So Much

Did you know that oversleeping can actually make you more tired? And that can make you look and act groggy, which is not a good look when you're trying to seem lively and energetic. Try to keep to a consistent sleeping schedule so that you'll wake up refreshed and ready to show the world how not lazy you really are.

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Use Spell Check

When working on a paper for school, or even emailing your teacher, be sure to spell check your work before turning it in. When you don't use proper grammar, it can make you seem lazy and give you a bad reputation. It's so easy to spellcheck, and it really goes a long way.

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Are you going to try and of these tips to not seem lazy? Tell us in the comments!

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