20 Hilarious Tumblr Posts On What You Used To Be Like

Have you ever thought back to what you used to be like and literally cringed? Even if you grew up as the coolest kid out there, we’ve all felt that horrifying sense of long overdue embarrassment that can only come from thinking about the things you used to do and the clothes you used to wear. I can’t let my mind wander to the person I was in high school, because it’s mortifying. I’ll give you a sneak peek at old-school Jessica: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, in their early 2000s prime, were my style and beauty icons. I was disgustingly obsessed with my boyfriend and we wrote each other notes every single class period (that equals nine notes a day, in case you were wondering). I liked to think of myself as an emo skateboarder and… okay, it’s too much. I can’t keep talking about!

The irony is that our advanced technology makes it easier than ever to remember what we used to be like. Thanks to apps like Timehop and Facebook’s On This Day feature, we can see exactly what we were doing, wearing, and tweeting years ago. Sometimes this is funny and brings up memories you would have forgotten; other times, it’s the definition of cringe-worthy. I feel so mortified by my old tweets that I had to delete Timehop!

If you feel the need to laugh at this instead of wallow in the misery of remembering it, I get that, and luckily Tumblr does too. There are a whole bunch of hilarious posts you’ll understand if you want the past to stay as far away as possible. Here are the funniest Tumblr posts on what you used to be like – sorry to remind you!

1. When someone tries to bring up the worst year of your past:



2. When you see an old photo of yourself and you’d rather pretend it didn’t happen:



3. Realizing the past will always be there:



4. At least your clothes have changed:



5. When you think about how much you’ve changed:



6. Putting things into perspective:



7. When you don’t want to think about how much time has passed:



8. Everyone’s worst nightmare:



9. That moment you realize you’re never going to stop feeling embarrassed:



10. You as a kid:



11. Everyone can relate:



12. You when someone tries to talk about who you used to be:



13. Looking at Facebook’s On This Day feature like:



14. When you know you’re much better off now:



15. When you realize how true this is:



16. Remember?!



17. When you’re horrified at the fact that you used to think you looked good:



18. Same things:



19. Everyone’s old pictures:



20. When you barely recognize yourself:


How do you feel about the person you used to be? What do you think of the past? Which post is the funniest? Tell us in the comments.

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