7 Foods That Make Your Pee Smell

Pee: It’s hardly the most glamorous of topics. It’s right up there with other body fluids, chemistry class, and tax audits. That being said, it is something that most of us are pretty curious about. I mean, who isn’t intrigued by the stuff that comes out of their body? (Just take a look at our obsession with pimple popping for proof of that.) Most people won’t talk about this, because it’s not exactly dinner table conversation, but have you ever wondered why your pee smells the way it smells? Like, sometimes there’s no scent at all, and other times it’s really strong and makes you want to gag a little bit. Why does it change that often? As it turns out, there are certain foods we eat that can make our pee smell a little bit more, uh, intensely than usual.

They say that we are what we eat, and that can also be applied to your pee. Just like your vag can taste different depending on what you eat, your pee can also change. We all know about asparagus making our urine smell funky, but that isn’t the only food. From vegetables to fish to drinks, there are a number of surprising foods that will mess with your urine. Check out seven foods that will probably make your pee smell. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should avoid them – pee is a form of waste, it’s obviously always going to smell to some degree – but it’s just helpful to know this stuff!

Chili Peppers

Chilies do a lot of things to our bodies. Hello, burning lips, watering eyes, and sweaty foreheads. They can also change the scent when you go number one. Remember that the next time you have a spicy curry.

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If you've ever taken a piece of salmon in your lunch, you (and those within 20 feet of you) will know how much it can STANK. Eating salmon doesn't make your pee smell nasty because it is fish. It is down to the high concentration of B-6 vitamins in it, according to Livestrong. When they are released, you get funky pee.

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Any coffee drinker knows that sipping your latte too fast will make you have to hit the washroom up ASAP. What you may not realize on your multiple trips to the toilet is that your go-to drink is changing the scent of your pee. New Health Advisor reports that your body actually doesn't digest caffeine. It releases it in the form of...pee!

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Garlic breath is the worst. Thankfully, garlic pee isn't quite so strong. However, you may notice a different odor down there after you've had a garlicky pizza or pasta dish. It's all down to a sulfur compound found in garlic.

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Brussel Sprouts

The Thanksgiving staple has also gained a reputation for giving urine a different smell. It's down to a compound known as methyl-mertacapan. Tested states that when it runs through your body, you end up with that distinctive odor.

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Ahhh, booze. What don't you have an impact on? Alcohol can change your urine, too. The gist of it is that when you drink booze, you get dehydrated. That means that the odorous properties of your pee will become more concentrated.

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Yeah, we all know this one, but do you know why your pee gets a funky smell every time you munch on an asparagus spear? It's down to science. The Smithsonian magazine explains that most of our bodies convert aspargusic acid into sulphur-containing chemicals that reek. How's that for a party fact?

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Are there any other foods that make your pee smell? Let us know in the comments!

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