12 Amazing Senior Pictures That You’ll Never Be Able To Recreate

I know that it is not technically a competition, but I am nearly certain that I happen to have the worst graduation photo on the face of the earth. I will not be including my image in this post, as a means of protecting my dignity (though if any of you happen to snag a 2011 yearbook from James Madison High School, you’ll be able to glimpse it), but if you use your imagination, you can envision a photo that pretty much carries all of the attributes one might expect from the quintessential Bad Photo yourself: I had accidentally scheduled my appointment for 8 AM, so I overslept and, as a result, my eyes look both panicked and puffy. There is an ummistakeable sheen on my face from my sweating, due to my lateness (and not in, like, a glamorous Glossier haloscope way). I also forgot to smile with my eyes, as Tyra had worked so hard to teach me how to do, so the bottom half of my face looks happy while the top is totally frozen. Basically, it’s a mess, I hate it, and it’s on the mantlepiece in my living room to haunt me whenever I come home to visit.

I am not trying to do a self-drag here, though, because in the end, of course, it doesn’t actually matter. One bad picture is not the end of the world, even if it is my senior picture, and, besides, I have also told my mom that, in the event that I die an untimely and newsworthy death in the next five years, she is to forbid any of my hometown’s local newspapers from using that picture. So that’s all sorted.

No, graduation pictures pretty much only matter if you want them to, which is to say that it won’t matter unless you happen to take a really great one. And, lately, I have been seeing a lot of crazy-good graduation pictures. Like, viral crazy-good graduation pictures. Check out the best ones here:

1. This, um, glorious photobomb:


2. This one too:


3. Photobomb pictures, you will see, are the key to success here:


4. See?


5. This…situation:



6. This objectively hilarious spread:


7. This fiery photo:



8. This photo that, obviously, is now on a manager of the Glory Days’ grill’s phone:


9. This perfect representation of what high school is actually like:



10. Same:



11. Didn’t get the perfect picture? Don’t worry. You can retake it:


12. I mean…this guy did. So worth it:

Have you taken your senior pictures yet? Which one of these was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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