24 Tips On How To Make The Most Perfect Bullet Journal

If you’ve ever gone on Pinterest, you have probably, at some point, stumbled upon a pin about bullet journals and wondered what they are. A bullet journal is a mix of a planner, diary, massive to-do list, and a sketchbook. It’s an extremely thorough way to stay organized, on top of your work, and goal-oriented. Bullet journals are also unique – you can customize them to make them whatever you want. Some people choose to use their bullet journals as very detailed to-do lists, some use them to track health and fitness as well as calendar events, and others use them for goals and challenges – while some try to do a little of everything. One thing is for sure – bullet journals are aesthetically pleasing and basically stationary porn (which is definitely a thing).

Whether you love staying neat and organized or you want to turn into the kind of person who loves being organized, you should try putting together a bullet journal for yourself. Sure, they’ll definitely take up a little bit more time than just jotting school assignments and social events into a planner, but the end result could very well be worth it. While planners usually get thrown out at the end of the year, a bullet journal is something you’ll want to hold onto, because they’re also like little mini diaries. It’s a fun and creative way to keep track of basically everything in your life. What’s not to love?

I’m planning on starting a bullet journal this month, and I wanted to get together as many ideas and inspirational pictures as I could – so of course, I decided to share with you guys. If you’re interested in putting one together, you need to first learn more and figure out how to make yours your own. Here are 24 tips on how to have the most perfect bullet journal that will get you through life.

1. Here’s what usually goes into a bullet journal – it’s made up of a lot of different parts. 




2. The basics are pretty simple, but this chart should answer all of your questions:




3. This pretty much sums it up:




4. Bullet journals are full of different lists, and they can be anything you want. Here are some ideas on what you could include.




5. A bullet journal should be full of little symbols and drawings if you want it to look super Instagrammable. Having a key to remember what everything means is super helpful. 




6. There are all different spreads or layouts, and it’s up to you to pick the right one for your lifestyle. Here are some examples:




7. It’s not just about school assignments and goals – you can also keep things like meal plans and shopping lists in your journal.




8. Each bullet journal should consist of different parts – future goals, long term monthly plans, daily logs, and then fun extras.




9. Here’s an example of a layout that is functional and looks good:




10. Bullet journals are great for keeping track of money – you can track how much you’re saving. 




11. There are all different ways to set up your info. Here are a few fun examples:




12. The Internet is full of ideas on how to draw little symbols, like these for the date:




13. And these ideas for banners that will make each page look amazing.




14. A lot of people like to track the weather in their bullet journal, and this is a cute way to do it.




15. You can even keep track of how much water you’re drinking.




16. Bullet journals are also meant to be used as diaries. You can keep track of your best monthly memories in this cute format:




17. Need more list ideas? Here are a whole bunch:




18. And here are even more reasons to start journaling, in case you’re not already convinced:




19. You can do monthly or weekly challenges if you want to change things up. 




20. If you’re feeling lost or you’re not creative, there are tons of free and paid printables online you can use. 




21. Use colored pencils and markers to decorate your bullet journal so it looks awesome.




22. You can keep track of what you’re reading…




23. …And what you’re spending money on.




24. Whatever you choose, keep items like these by your side.



Have you ever tried using a bullet journal? What tips did we forget? Are you going to try one? Share in the comments.

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  • Gail Galloway

    this is sa great resource… i have been winging it with my last three bujos and each one is so different and so it no suprise for me to change the one i am making now. thanks so much for the help with page layouts!

  • CarvedClay

    Loved it!!!

  • I’m sad that I’m just now learning about this…..but so excited! This is the best thing I’ve seen in forever!!

  • Roz J

    I am inspired to start one, this is amazing.

  • Hdar

    This is the best post I’ve read so far about starting a bullet journal! I’ve been researching the idea of starting one for the past week and decided to start one for the year 2017. I started with Ryder Carroll’s website and then moved on from there. This is by far the best post yet! Thank you sooo much for the help and inspiration.