17 Perfect Tweets About The iPhone 7 That Will Make You LOL

The latest Apple Event was held today, and with it, and announcement that the newest iPhone is here. It’s the iPhone 7, to be precise, and it has a lot of new features–it’s got the best battery for an iPhone yet, the best camera yet, and a bunch of new color options to choose from. Of course, none of these new features are particularly shocking (it’s the newest version of the phone, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the newest version of a phone might have some slightly improved features as the versions before it), but it’s fun to see the theatrics and fanfare that surround the always-buzzy Apple brand.

The one surprising thing? It’s all wireless, which means that there’s no headphone jack. Like, at all. In its place are a pair of nubs called “AirPods,” which are basically just like the earbuds you have now, but without wires. (So, your chances of losing them exactly thirty seconds after they first come into your possession are…very high.) The new phone comes with a cord adapter, so you don’t have to bid farewell to you aux cord quite yet, but, as one might expect, the tweets about this event and the AirPod announcement–were pretty good. So, check out these tweets about the iPhone 7 that you will probably (definitely) relate to:



2. Everyone made this suspiciously dad-adjacent joke, and yet, it was truly funny every time:


3. See? Dad jokes:


4. Hmmm:


5. Sia performed! People made memes:


6. RIP:


7. :(:


8. Do you understand how momentous this is?


9. Just…start looking now, I guess:


10. Other people are:


11. A hair dryer…but make it tech:


12. You know they’re out there:


13. *Thinking emoji*


14. It’s beginning:


15. Find the lie:




17. I mean…same:

What do you think of these tweets? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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31 Of The Most Relatable Tweets Ever That Will Make You LOL

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