17 Easy DIY Lip Balms That Are Better Than Store-Bought Versions

I don’t know about you, but when I normally think about getting new lip balm, I think about booking it to the nearest drugstore to pick up three before my lips become chapped. All that changed when I was browsing on Pinterest for easy beauty DIYs and I came across some DIY lip balm tutorials. I thought that making your own lip balm would be a long, difficult process, but it’s actually really simple and kind of awesome.

I wondered why I never thought to make my own lip balm before. I guess it was because there are so many varieties in the stores that I never considered any alternatives. You may be able to get everything from bubblegum to white chocolate lip balm in the stores, but there is no limit to what delicious flavors you can make on your own. Whatever your little mind thinks would be delicious you can make into a balm… provided that you find the right ingredients.

And did I mention the best part about making lip balm? It’s that it’s so easy. You don’t need to be a chemistry major to do it. You just need a couple of ingredients and some place to store your beauty concoction. If you can make a body scrub, you can make a lip balm. Promise. If you’re feeling inspired, here are 17 easy flavored lip balm DIYs to get you started.

1. You can enjoy Creamiscles all day, every day with this lip balm.

Lip Balm 1



2. You get a balm and a scrub in this one for an extra soft kisser.

Lip Balm 2



3. You like raspberry lip balm, and you like lemon lip balm, so why wouldn’t you like the two of them together?Raspberry Lemon Lip Balm



4. OMG. Chocolate. Orange. Lip balm. And it only requires five ingredients.

Lip Balm 4



5. Want a change from all of your fruity and candy flavors? Try this spicy lippy. 

Honey Lip Balm



6. How many fruity balms do you own? And how many of them are grapefruit-flavored?

Grapefruit Lip



7. It isn’t officially fall until you have pumpkin spice everything. That includes lip balm.

Pumpkin Spice Lipjpg



8. Sometimes you want to keep it classic.

Lip Balm 8



9. Here’s another unique way to incorporate tea into your beauty routine.

Green Tea Lip Balm



10. Roses don’t just make this lip balm smell good. They are also a brilliant beauty ingredient.

Lip Balm 10



11. Hands up if you’re drooling just at the thought of this one?

Lip Balm 11



12. You can never have too many chocolate lip balms. Fact.

Lip Balm 12



13. If you haven’t tried lavender honey, start off by making this lip balm.

Lavender Lip Balm



14. This is a must for all chai lovers. It just might be as good as the drink.

Lip Balm 14



15. This natural lippy sounds good enough to eat. However, keep it just to the outside of your mouth, okay?

Lip Balm 15



16. If you can eat an entire container of blueberries in one sitting, this is the lippy for you.

Lip Balm 16



17. Because orange and lime lip balm is not the same as tangerine and lime lip balm.

Tangerine Lip Balm



Have you ever made your own lip balm before? What one do you want to try making first? Let us know in the comments!

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