17 Horror Movies You’ll Actually Want To Watch

I’m not a wimp about blood and gore (unless it involves eyeballs because BLECH), but I really have a hard time enjoying horror movies. I hate to make a blanket generalization, but so many of the horror movies that have come out in the last decade are just so over the top and corny, and not in an endearing way. There’s room for campy ones that know they’re that way and just go with it, but too many bad horror movies take themselves too seriously for me to laugh along. Franchises ridden with tired plots, characters you don’t really care about or root for, one note antagonists that make Disney villains look complex… no thanks. But all of this critique means that I actually get really excited when I watch a horror movie that’s actually good. They seem like a rare breed, but there are horror movies out there with thought provoking themes and engaging characters that are actually fun to watch and leave me thinking about them days later!

I’m not a horror movie buff whatsoever, but even if I don’t know the ins and outs of the horror movie universe, I feel pretty confident about this list of 17 horror movies that you’ll actually want to see. From old school classics to underrated cult favorites, you should definitely make a note of which ones to watch after you’re done binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

What other horror movies deserve to be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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