8 Girls Discuss What Getting An IUD Is Really Like

If you don’t know what an IUD is, here’s a quick rundown: an intrauterine device (IUD) is a tiny little coil that a doctor can place inside your uterus in order to prevent pregnancy for up to five to seven years. There are two types: one that uses hormones to prevent pregnancy, and another that uses a copper coil that can destroy sperm before it gets to the uterus. It is commonly known as the most effective form of birth contraception. But what is it like to actually get one?

One of our users, Puffyfish, recently came to our boards with concerns regarding an IUD. She wrote, “I would love to get an IUD but I get scared of the pain because I know I’m a chicken when it comes to pain. It’s sucks to think about because it’s like wow: 99% effective plus slim to no period (if we are in fact talking about the hormone IUD). But you gotta go through this pain to have these nice things. Anyone one else feel the same? And if you have a IUD, what was it like?

I know, the idea of having a tiny object placed inside you is a little daunting. It sounds painful and foreign, a lot of people feel that it’s controversial, and when there isn’t enough information out there, it can make you feel even more apprehensive. But considering how effective they are, maybe you would rather use an IUD than the Pill. First, know what you’re getting yourself into! Here is some advice from girls who have been there on what to expect from an IUD. Check out what they said.

Do you have an IUD? What was your experience? Come talk to us on the boards!

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