9 Mistakes You Make When You Go Shopping

This might make me sound like a materialistic monster, but shopping is legit one of my favorite pasttimes. The frenzy of a Sephora, the endless racks of clothes, the gross fluorescent lighting that makes everybody look terrible…I kind of live for it. Of course, my bank account doesn’t always allow me to go as wild as I’d like, but as someone who is really into personal style and general aesthetics, this seemingly vapid activity is like a fun creative exercise. I can imagine how this suede dress or this color block bomber jacket will look with this mini skirt or these combat boots. It…almost feels like an art? Is that too presumptuous?

Art or not, even artists eff up, and I’ve definitely made countless mistakes over the years when it comes to shopping. From buying something without trying it on first, or buying something I wasn’t all that into just because my friends said I looked good in it, I’ve definitely made some shopping choices that make me shake my damn head…and I’m sure you have too. In fact, you’re probably still making a lot of bad shopping decisions. Check out these nine mistakes you make when you’re shopping and keep them in mind the next time there’s a sale at your favorite store.

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