7 Weird Facts About Menstrual Pads You Need To Know

A lot of girls use pads during their fun monthly visit from Aunt Flo. We buy the overpriced pads once a month, stick them to our underwear and have to just accept the fact that that’s what’s going to happen every month for the next 40 years or so. For something girl use so often, there are a surprising amount of unknown facts about pads. Like, how they can actually be dangerous and unhealthy for you? Shouldn’t we know more about this? Why isn’t this common knowledge?!

Well, no fear, because I am here today to tell you the weird facts about your menstrual pads that you really need to hear. I know it’s not something you really want to hear, but it’s important to know about little things that you don’t realize are dangerous, in order to avoid them! Not to say you should avoid pads entirely, just that you should use them with caution. Plus: there are other alternatives to pads that you might want to look in to! So, check out these facts about pads if you want to know more about the familiar product.


Which of these facts surprised you? Which ones did you already know? Tell us in the comments!

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