8 Real Reasons Why You’re Actually Single

Have you ever taken the time to sit and think about why you might be single? I would not recommend this, personally. I have done it myself, and I can tell you at least one thing about this act: it is not the most productive thing in the world! First of all, being single is totally, 100% fine. You know this. I know this. But if one happens to go down this train of thought, the answers that arise are usually of the self-destructive variety and focus on things like “your entire personality, idiot” and “everything’s about you, probably.” You know?

The truth is that you most likely aren’t single because of one specific reason–this is just the point in your life where you happen to be right now. (You could blame it on Mercury too, I guess-it’s in retrograde.  Anyway, I came across a Reddit thread recently in which real people talk about the reasons why they think they’re single–and it is pretty help gilt because it holds up a mirror to a lot of insecurities and doubts that you might be having about your single status and shows that they’re both totally normal and totally unnecessary.  Anyway, check out these reasons why people think they’re single–they’re pretty interesting:

Get Caught Up In Unattainable Crushes

Alokthedog said: End up crushing on the person who is unavailable or not into me and becoming so infatuated with them that I don't pay attention to anyone else that I might actually have a shot with since they pale in comparison to my mind's delusions of the thing I can't have but like to be around.

This is relatable, I think--it's easy to focus on people who aren't available. like a celebrity or a friend who's dating someone else, if you want to have a crush but not have to deal with pursuing them.

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Not Worth The Trouble

Xetanees:  I put a little effort into it. Realized the sh*t I put up with wasn't worth it. Totally happy alone.

If you've ever been ghosted or benched or shaved your legs only to have a hangout canceled on you last minute, you might have gotten to the point where you feel like it just isn't worth the work right now. Which is totally fine! No need to put effort in if you aren't actually feeling it.

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What's The Rush On Commitment?

idaho_no_u_da_ho said: It's like dating someone is fun for a while but the thought of spending the rest of my life with that person doesn't seem possible.

I mean. That's as good a reason as ever, I think.

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Gamers Gotta Game


Welp. Honesty is key, I guess.

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Why Even Try?

Duelity: I have put literally 0 effort into not being single.


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Fear Of The Unknown

IrishBrian420 said: People I'm attracted to terrify me.

Again--fair. Also--relatable, no?

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You're Young!

Bman_2000 said: I am 15.

A good reminder that it's totally, totally fine to be single in high school. Even if it seems like everyone around you is pairing off, most people are single. If you happen to be that way too, no sweat!

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Single Life Is Preferable

M1_A1 said: I'm happy being single. I'm happy to only have myself to worry about and I am happy to have total freedom of choice, without having to worry how it will affect anyone else, other than myself.

A very good argument for staying single. Should you so desire.

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What do you think of these answers? Are there any that *really* spoke to you? Let us know in the comments!

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