31 Of The Most Relatable Tweets That Are Guaranteed To Make You LOL

Sometimes, you just want to laugh. You want to laugh, like, a lot, with the little muscles in your stomach aching and tears streaming down your face and, like, a tiny bit of snot coming out of your nose. (Not a ton, obviously. Just enough to remind you that the joke was really funny.)

I am, of course, using that famous “royal you” here, which is more commonly known as the “second person,” but I like to allude to as though I am a Royal (of the E! Entertainment channel variety) and assume that my individual thoughts and desires are also shared by anyone who happens to read this blog post on the internet. I do this a lot, like when  say things like, “Do you know how wealthy you would be if not for your crippling addictions to kombucha and pea protein-based ice cream alike?” and everyone around me is like “What? No. Do not speak for me, please.”

Anyway, the point I am trying to make here is that sometimes I just need to laugh over nothing in particular, and I suspect that many of you share this with me. Perhaps you are looking for a laugh right now? If so, check out the dumbest and most relatable tweets of all time that are pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh–at least once out loud:

1. This confession from Bernie Sanders that he, like the rest of us, is a true Twi-Hard:


2. This gorgeous Ryan Lochte-inspired poetry:


3. This Ryan Lochte-inspired film:


4. This sweet boy who wants everyone to know that he’s sorry about failing science:

5. This excellent photo of a tabloid magazine:


6. This perfect moment:


7. “Bone apple tea:”


8. Drake’s lament:


9. This harrowing Uber experience:


10. This literal mess:


11. This flirting tip:


12. This dad, who’s really just trying his best:


13. This sweet bag that everyone should own, probably:


14. This realization that, while you were made for the stage, it’s best that you never actually get on one:


15. Speaking of “extra”–this perfect Demi drag:


16. This sweet move:


17. Two household name celebrities, just hanging out:


18. This understandable grievance:


19. This ever-timely Lena Dunham drag:


20. This scolding that, quite frankly, could happen to us all:


21. This….this, whatever it is:


22. This senior citizen who is, of course, you:


23. This classic Niall Horan fanfic piece:


24. This man who just wanted to buy some shoes from eBay:


25. This flawless Beyonce reaction:


26. This scary-accurate imagining of a Mary Kate and Ashley text conversation:


27. This excellent composite of The Bachelorette‘s frontrunners:


28. This NIGHTMARE of a job:


29. This baddie who might be you in Calvins:


30. Also, this lady. She’s you, right?

Did you laugh at these tweets? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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