12 Creative Things To Make With Old Shoe Boxes

When the weather starts to get cooler, my favorite thing to do is buy a new pair of cute boots to wear for the colder months. Who am I kidding, I never need an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes. That’s why I am stuck with stacks of shoe boxes in my room, filled with nothing but air and emptiness. I sound dramatic, I know. But what I’m trying to say here is that cardboard shoe boxes can actually be incredibly useful, when they’re being used and not being left to get covered in dust. They can be pretty sturdy and come in different sizes, so the amount of DIY projects that can be made from them are basically endless.

Sometimes, you can make some awesome stuff with shoe boxes, just by using some common things you have around the house, like tape or scissors. The beauty of upcycling projects is how easy (and cheap) they are! The only thing you spent money on was your amazing new pair of shoes, which look awesome on you, I’m sure. So check out these really easy way to upcycle all of those old shoe boxes, which will give you an excuse to go out and buy some more shoes.


  1. Make your own charging station.



A good way to keep your wires nice and organized so that you can easily access your chargers! All you need is a shoe box, some decorations and scissors to cut holes into the box.


2. Keep your earrings organized by making jewelry storage out of old shoe boxes.



A cute way to keep track of your earrings is to stick them in a shoe box


3. Make your own video projector for your PHONE.



How cool is this?! All you need is a shoe box, your phone and a magnifying glass and you can host an epic movie night with your friends.


4. Use an empty shoe box for nail polish storage.



This is a really good way to keep track of your nail polish collection. You can decorate the box and have swatches of each polish color so you know how each one looks when it dries!


5. Make your own notebook storage.



You can organize your notebooks in this easy-to-make notebook holder that will at least make you feel organized, even if you’re not.


6.While you’re at it, keep your pens organized too.



Use a left over shoe box and some old toilet paper roles to keep your pens neat and in place!


7. DIY your own chalkboard from the lid of a shoe box.



A super unique way to use those old cardboard lids! All you need is some chalkboard paint, which is really easy to find!


8. Make your own picnic basket.



If you’re in the mood for a fun fall picnic, you can easily make a basket out of an old shoe box. It will be so cute, nobody will know your shoes came in it!


9. Cover a shoe box lid with canvas and use it to hang necklaces.



An easy way to upcycle an old shoe box is by using the lid to store your necklaces or other pieces of jewelry. You can hang them from thumbtacks and then mount it on the wall!


10. Make a totally unique constellation night light.



All you need to make these super cute space night light is some LED lights and a shoe box.


11. Add a window to your shoe boxes to see what’s inside!



You could use your shoe box for storing basically anything, and by adding a clean plastic “window” to the side, it makes it much easier to tell what’s inside.


12. Or paint the top to make some amazing wall art for your room.



Make some DIY art that will spruce up your room! All you need is some paint and tape. Super easy!
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