13 New Fall TV Shows You’ll Actually Want To Watch

Fall is, undoubtedly, the best time of year. By the time September comes around, everyone is sick of the heat and ready to pull on their flannels and riding boots. Fall is the time of pumpkin-flavored everything and planning the best Halloween costume. But fall is also the time when the new TV shows premiere, and I think that’s the most important of all. Halloween will come and go, but these shows will be on until the spring, so you have to pick the right ones to watch so that you will be hooked for the next eight months… unless they get cancelled, of course.

There are a lot of shows premiering this fall, but only some of them will be worth the watch. The common theme for fall TV shows seems to be the reboot of old TV shows and movies from years ago, which sounds a little unoriginal, but these shows seem pretty awesome. As someone who watches a lot of television, I think I picked out some good ones for you to tune into. Who knows, you might be watching the next hit TV show premiere before your very eyes. Check out which shows to watch this fall!


Produced by Whoopi Goldberg, this reality show is about a group of transgender models who are trying to make it big in the modeling world. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of reality shows, but this one seems really promising, and the representation of transgender people is super important! The show will air September 20th at 9 pm on Oxygen.


I'm not really a huge fan of sports shows, but this one actually looks really good, and that's because of the awesome premise of the first woman to become a pitcher on a major league baseball team. It stars Kylie Bunbury as Ginny Baker, a super talented, bad-ass baseball pitcher who actually makes it to the major leagues. Even if you're not a fan of sports shows, this one seems like a really empowering show for any girl to watch. The show will air on September 22nd at 9 pm on Fox.

This Is Us

As if it weren’t enough that this show stars my favorite actor from Gilmore Girls (Milo Ventimiglia), the super emotional trailer made me feel all the feels. It follows a group of seemingly unrelated people who all share a common thread: their birthday. We don't know much else about this show other than the fact that it will probably make everyone cry. It airs on NBC on September 20th at 10 pm.


This reboot of the 1985 show stars Lucas Till (yes, the guy from The Hannah Montana Movie) who has a very unusual talent for getting out of weird, life-threatening situations. He starts using his strange problem-solving methods to work for the US Government, so, naturally, chaos will ensue. MacGyver will air September 23rd at 8 pm on CBS.


TV shows have still got a long way to go in order to be more inclusive, but this is a pretty good start. This comedy follows the fictional DiMeo family: a family of five, including one teenage son with cerebral palsy. If you don't know what cerebral palsy (CP) is, it is a congenital disorder that can affect a person's speech and movement. There are very few representations of people with CP in pop culture, so this show should be really good, plus it looks really funny. It will air September 21st at 8:30 pm on ABC.

No Tomorrow

Remember when the world was supposed to end in 2012? Spoiler alert: it didn't, but that didn't stop some people from creating their own bucket lists to finish that year. This show follows a girl who starts dating a seemingly normal guy who believes the world is going to end in eight months, so he sets out to do everything on his bucket list. It sounds silly, and I'm not even sure how it will last beyond one season, but it's just silly enough for me to want to tune in. The show premieres on October 4th on CW at 8pm.


Based on Issa Rae's hilarious web series Awkward Black Girl, Insecure is a new show that tackles dating, racism, and life in a very real way: from the perspective of a young black woman trying to juggle her job, friends, and boyfriend in LA. Issa Rae is hilarious, and I'm sure this show is going to be just as amazing as her web series. The show will air October 9th at 10:30 pm on HBO.


This show sounds incredibly weird, but in a good way, trust me. The details about the show itself are pretty mysterious, but it's a TV show reboot of the 1973 movie of the same name. The plot centers around an amusement park that is filled with people who are actually just computer programs, but they think they are real. Again, I know it sounds weird, but aren't you a little curious? It airs October 2nd at 9 pm on HBO.


After researching the best fall shows, I was astonished to learn that there was not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR new shows about time travel, all airing this fall. Of the four shows, this one seemed to be the best: it centers around a young woman who accidentally contacts her dead father in the past through an old radio transmitter. How weird/cool is that? I can't wait to see where it goes. The show will air October 5th on CW.

The Good Place

While the premise of this show seems to be a little dark, I have high hopes. It stars Kristen Bell as a young woman who recently died and gets to spend the afterlife in a utopia known as "The Good Place" which is for people who were good citizens when they were alive. It turns out, however, that she wasn't a very good person during her life, which means she doesn't really belong in the good place. Sounds pretty funny for a show about the afterlife. It airs at on September 22nd at 8:30 pm on NBC.

The Exorcist

If you're into spooky shows, this one is for you. Based on the 1971 book-turned-movie, The Exorcist follows a woman who believes her teenage daughter is possessed by a demon. Relatable, right? The family turns to a priest to help try and banish the demon back to wherever it came from, but I'm sure it's going to be a lot harder than it seems. The show airs at 9 pm on September 23rd on Fox.

People Of Earth

This new TBS comedy focuses on a support group of people who believe that they are survivors of alien abductions, and a journalist who interviews each of them trying to get to know their stories. It sounds like an interesting spin on your typical 'ALIENS ARE REAL' show. It airs on TBS on October 31st at 9pm.

Search Party

Do you ever feel like all of your friends know exactly what they are doing with their lives and you can't even decide what to eat for dinner? This show is a little like that. It follows Dory, a recent college grad who doesn't feel like she fits in with all of her friends with cool jobs and awesome lives. Its relatable AF for anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong. It premieres on November 21st on TBS at 11 pm. It's pretty late, but the episodes will be available to stream on TBS.com the day after, which is awesome.

Which show are you going to watch this fall? What is your favorite tv show? Tell us in the comments!

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