15 Unique DIY Barbie Costume Ideas For Halloween

Like so many other girls my age and older, I grew up wishing I could be a Barbie doll. In 2016, Barbies might be controversial and not as popular as they once were, but when I was a kid in the early ’90s, they were everything. I had more dolls than I could count, clothes all over the house, and a three story dream house that my dad built for me. I played Barbies obsessively with my cousins and friends, making up elaborate characters and hilariously dramatic stories. As a slightly nerdy short girl with braces and glasses, I lived vicariously through my lithe, blonde Barbie doll, even knowing she was completely fake. And so it’s surprising, even to me, that I’ve never dressed up in a Barbie costume for Halloween. But who knows? After seeing these unique DIY Barbie costumes, I just might.

If there’s any time to play into your favorite little kid fantasies, it’s Halloween. If you, like me, loved Barbie dolls, then you might just want to turn into one this October. A Barbie costume might seem cliche, and it certainly can be, but there are lots of different ideas out there that can make you stand out. You don’t have to wear all pink and plop a blonde wig on your head! In case you forgot, there were (and are, I guess) lots of different Barbie styles out there. Want some ideas on how to make your favorite childhood toy into a reality? Here are 15 unique DIY Barbie costumes you need to check out for Halloween this year:

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