21 Funny Tumblr Posts That Explain You If You’re Lonely AF

We all have moments where we feel lonely AF – hell, for some of us, those “moments” can lasts months, or even years. Sometimes we spend too much time comparing our lives to the lives of others, and end up feeling like we don’t have enough friends or love. Sometimes we’re a little anti-social and it leaves us feeling unfulfilled – even though the option of going out and meeting people don’t sound desirable either. Some people feel lonely because they’ve been single for a long time, while others feel lonely because they don’t have a huge squad to call their besties. Whatever the reason, however long it lasts, one thing is for sure: it’s a sucky feeling.

With something that is that big of a bummer, there’s one unexpected thing you can do to get through it: learn to laugh at it. Is overwhelming loneliness that leads to depression or anxiety amusing? No, of course not. Is self-obsessed loneliness that stems from being dramatic something to laugh at? Uh, yeah, sometimes it is. Making your situation more humorous can help make you feel better and give you some perspective. These Tumblr posts about feeling lonely AF not only understand you and explain your feelings perfectly, they might also boost your mood. Check ’em out and tell us which one you can relate to the most.

1. When you need to look like you’re busy even though you never are:



2. Your dating life explained:



3. When little kids understand you:



4. Trying to act okay when you aren’t:



5. Why doesn’t Facebook offer this option?:



6. You on the phone:



7. When you want friends but also you don’t:



8. Your life in pictures:



9. When you try to act different than you are:



10. Realizing that you’re doing it to yourself:



11. Your version of mind games:



12. The real meaning of LMAO:



13. This describes you pretty perfectly:



14. When you don’t have a lot of options:



15. Getting texts from the people you don’t want to talk to:



16. Because you don’t get it:



17. You trying to act chill:



18. This is what they mean by social, right?



19. Honesty is the best policy, right?



20. You when you think about relationships:



21. Basically:


Do you ever feel super lonely? Which one of these posts was your favorite? Fill us in in the comments!

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25 Funny Tumblr Posts About Going To A Friend’s House

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