13 Things You Need To Accomplish In School, Besides Good Grades

We have #RelationshipGoals, we have #SquadGoals, we have #LifeGoals, and we even have #FamilyGoals. What about #SchoolGoals? It’s the start of a new school year, so you’ve probably out some time into thinking about goals for acing your reading assignment or getting on the honor roll, but why stop there? You should also have some fun goals that you will actually want to accomplish. Despite what parents and teachers might force down your throat sometimes, school isn’t just about getting straight As.

Yes, good grades are really important – without them, you won’t be able to get into a great college, and if you want to do that, then grades need to be more of a priority – but they aren’t everything. If you spend too much time focused on grades, you miss out on the other things school has to offer, like meeting new people and trying new things via extracurriculars. This year, give yourself some goals that are more fun – they’ll motivate you to get through the year in a better mood (unless you’re trying to get into an Ivy League school, in which case, sorry – grades are your thing). And think about this: After you cross some of the fun things off your list, you just might be inspired to tackle the more challenging ones. These are 13 goals you need to accomplish this school year that have nothing to do with grades.

1. Make at least one really good new friend.


There’s always room for someone else in your squad. Try to form at least one deep, can-call-them-in-the-middle-of-the-night friendship. Adding someone on Facebook doesn’t count.


2. Find a mentor.


It might not seem like the most fun thing, but it could be. When you find someone who you admire in a field that you’re interested in, you’ll actually want to be around them.


3. Pull an all-nighter just for fun.


There will be a few times that you’re going to be up all night working. Forget about those. Intentionally stay up until sunrise doing something fun. If you call it quits when you get tired at 3:00 AM, that’s still cool.


4. Find a subject that you actually enjoy.


You may never like math, but there could be a branch of science that you l-o-v-e. Or maybe there’s an English genre that you are going obsessed with. Try different things when you’re picking your courses and you just might find a new passion.


5. Reconnected with an old BFF.

goal friend

Is there someone you used to be close with, but you drifted apart because you’re not in the same classes? Make time to meet up.


6. Go on a travel adventure.


If you can study abroad, go for it. If you can go away for spring break, do it. If you can travel 20 minutes outside of your town, make the most of it.


7. Join an interesting club.


Don’t write off all extracurricular activities as lame. There are so many to choose from so there is bound to be at least one that appeals to you. It could be one that celebrates all things Harry Potter, or it could be one for basketball fans.


8. Make an epic playlist for your school year.

school msic

Not only will it get you pumped for every occasion, it will also be something that you can reminisce while listening to in the future.


9. Go to a school dance.

school dance

Something planned by your school can be just as good as something you planned yourself. You and your gals are the ones who make the situation fun.


10. Try out for something.


Always wanted to be in acapella group? Are you secretly a good rower? Try out for that team. #NoRegrets


11. Attend a sports game at your school.


Even if you’re not into sports, it’s still worth dragging your butt to a home game. Once you’re surrounded by the fans singing your school’s fight song, you could just find yourself feeling all the school spirit. Go team, go!


12. Talk to that cutie.


School aint just about the grades. You’re probably never going to be this close to hottie over there as you are now, so seize the moment. You never know where it could lead…


13. Host a friends holiday.

friends hug

Not visiting your family for Thanksgiving, Easter, or National Dog Day? Organize a celebration with your roomie, friends, and housemates.


What are your goals for this school year? Let us know in the comments!

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