18 Unique Ideas For Dorm Door Decorations

I never went away to college, so I never had a dorm door to decorate of my own. But I did have a lot of friends who lived in dorm rooms, and I spent some time watching and listening to them obsess over what to put on their doors, especially in freshman year. I used to love walking through various campus dorms and seeing the bright and fun decorations on each person’s door – it really gave you a hint as to what each person’s personality was like. And now, since I could never do it myself, I’m going to live vicariously through all of you with these dorm door decoration ideas.

At first, the thought of doing a little bit of arts and craft work to put your initials on the entrance to your room might seem lame AF – but it isn’t! First of all, putting your name up there makes it easier for new friends to find you, and can even help you make new friends in your dorm. Second, it’s just fun. Does there really need to be a deeper meaning behind it? If you want your room to stand out from everyone else’s, try some of these cool and unique decoration ideas that won’t look totally cliche. They’ll brighten up the dull hallway and attract people to your amazing room. What more could you ask for?

1. If you don’t want to risk doing damage to the door, cover it in white paper and then draw/paint/stick things on the paper. This allows you to really get creative.




2. Harry Potter lovers – this portrait of The Fat Lady painting on your door is perfect for weeding out fellow HP enthusiasts. 




3. Put a corkboard (or something similar) on your door with some photos and decorations. Add extra pins so that if someone wants to leave a message or note, they can pin it there easily.




4. Looking for more social media followers? Include your Twitter or Instagram handle so people can look you up. 




5. Make your door into a giant collage with photos of yourself, magazine clips, and celebrity photos. Add your names in a cute font. 




6. If you’re feeling creative, measure a piece of white paper to your door, then paint it however you want. 




7. Help friends keep track of your whereabouts with something like this board. Just be careful – you don’t want any random person walking by to know exactly where you are, so avoid making things too detailed. 




8. Use string and clothespins to show off photos and quotes. The clothespins make it easy to change these out whenever you want. 




9. Use Washi tape, which isn’t permanent, to create a cool design, like this giant “Hello.” 




10. Get all of the attention with this optical illusion “window.” 




11. This girl made her dorm room look like the door from Monster’s Inc, so feel free to get super creative and use outside props (just note the possibility that they might get stolen). 




12. Want to clue people in on if you’re inside or out? Try a decoration like this, which can be flipped to “in” or “out.” 




13. If you’re looking for something more minimal, use Washi tape to make these cool lines. 




14. Make this “window” to pretend you’re not living in a cramped dorm space.




15. Use garland to decorate around your door instead of on it. Make your own to get more creative.




16. Hang a dry erase board on your door to write notes to your roomies or get notes from people passing by. 




17. Go all out by decorating the wall on the sides of the door too if possible. Add a rug to be extra fancy.




18. Have fun with it and re-decorate each holiday season. This one is obviously perfect for Halloween.



Which one of these dorm room door decorations would you try? How did you decorate your door? Share in the comments!

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