10 Signs You’re Secretly The Mean Girl Of Your Friend Group

Ask anyone—you’re a good friend. You have fun with your friends, you get along with them, you share secrets, have sleepovers, trust one another, and would never hurt them intentionally. You’re loyal and would defend them until the end. You stand up for each other, and even if you have the occasional fight, you always know you have each other’s backs. Everyone at school knows your friend group is not to be messed with.

You probably don’t take the time to think about why you’re friends. You all like each other and want to be friends, so why would you? Sometimes, a little self examination is worth it. Have you ever felt like the leader of the pack? Like you’re the ring leader, the glue holding everyone together, the person everyone looks up to? It can seem like a great position to be in, until you realize…you’re actually the “mean girl” of the friend group. People always come to you the same way The Plastics always deferred to Regina George. Sound like you? You might secretly be the mean girl of your friend group:

You Gossip About Your Friends

It might seem harmless, but sharing snide comments, trading info, and saying things behind your friends' backs that you wouldn't say to their faces isn't a good practice. You wouldn't want your friends talking about you in this way, so don't do it to them.

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Your Friends Are Always Seeking Your Approval

This might seem flattering—your friends trust your opinion so much, they always want your advice. However, they might feel that without your approval on every decision, you may not approve of them as a friend, which isn't good. Remember how the Plastics in Mean Girls wouldn't do anything without the agreement of everyone else? That's not healthy for a friendship; everyone needs to be able to make their own decisions without one person controlling everything.

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People Often Describe You As Bossy And Intimidating

First of all: there's nothing inherently wrong with a female being bossy or intimidating. You do you! But if people are actually afraid of you, you might be coming across as a mean girl. You can be confident without being scary.

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You Can’t Keep Secrets

You're not just a gossip about random info, you actively can't keep your mouth shut about things people tell you in confidence. You may justify it by only telling your best friends, or people you think "deserve to know," but telling others' secrets can come back to haunt you. Loyal friends can keep quiet about things that aren't public knowledge.

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You Always Make Plans For Your Group

Sure, you have great ideas. You always know the coolest places to go, the best things to do. Everyone seems happy enough to follow you. But do you actually give anyone else a chance, or do you just expect everyone to come along? You might feel like you're being helpful, but they might feel like you're being controlling.

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You’re Always Asking Your Friends For Favors

It's normal for friends to share clothes, borrow money, bum rides. But if you're always the one asking for favors, and never returning them, you're taking advantage of friends who don't feel like they can say no to you. Friendships are a two way street, make sure you're giving back what you're getting.

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Your Jokes Tend To Hurt People’s Feelings

You think you're being funny, but your friends might actually be hurt. It's easy to laugh something off as a joke, but making fun of people for entertainment is insensitive. Steer your humor away from the offensive to avoid becoming a funny mean girl.

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You Never Apologize First In A Fight

Do you always think you're right? Compromise is part of friendship. Sometimes, even when you think you friend is in the wrong, you have to agree to disagree. This can mean being the first to say sorry every once in awhile.

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#NoNewFriends Is One Of Your Life Mottos

Yes, you're a loyal leader of the pack. But why not expand your circle and talk to new people? Make an effort to be friendly and fewer people will be so scared of you.

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Your Role Models Are Mean Girls

There's a difference between being a bad a** b*tch and just a flat out b*tch. Think less Regina George and more Beyonce. People can respect you without fearing you. Your friends want someone who loves them, not who keeps them in line.

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  • I’m so not a mean girl….. More like Foop, who’s kind and confident, without being a twit, like Chloe Carmichael….