14 Sneaky AF Things We All Do To Our Parents

I wouldn’t call it a scam. I wouldn’t call it a con. It’s not even a lie, if you think about it the right way, but it’s not exactly the truth, either. I am referring, of course, to those sneaky little things you do to your parents every now and then in which you don’t exactly lie, but you do omit some key details–massaging the truth, if you will–so that they might be of benefit to you. You know, like, saying that there was no change when you went to pick up groceries when there was really, like, $256 left over. Or telling them that since there’s a pep rally at school tomorrow, the entire day is, in fact, optional.

I mean, we all do this. Your parents did it to their parents, their parents did it to theirs, and their parents would have done it to theirs, but they were busy, like, fighting in World War I or something. Who knows! Anyway, chances are good that you’ve pulled these sneaky borderline-scams on your mom or dad on at least one occasion. It’s okay! We all do them! Just don’t let it get to the point in which the game runs your life, you know? Check out the sneaky AF things we all do to our parents here:

1. Using your mom’s credit card to fill the car up with gas and just kinda, like, keeping it until she asks for it back.



2. Saying that you need the more expensive tights and shoes for your dance recital, when really you just needed the basic version.



3. Telling your parents that they have to schedule your doctor’s appointment during the school day–they’re totally booked in the afternoon.



4. Saying you’ll wake up in five minutes–when, really, your plan is to sleep until your mom literally drags you out of bed.



5. “Missing” the bus so you have to be driven to school.



6. Saying there was “no change left” after you went to pick up the groceries your mom forgot to get earlier. (There’s actually, like, two dollars.)



7. The ol’ “everyone failed the test, mom.”



8. Usually followed with “I’m going to figure out how I can do extra credit right now.”



9. “I don’t know, they haven’t sent home our grade reports yet. I’ll check and see what’s up with that.”



10. Pretending to email your teacher about extra credit and your grade report. Really sending the email to yourself.



11. Telling your parents you don’t have any social media, so they definitely can’t follow you on it. 



12. Alternatively, creating separate accounts for each social media account, so there’s a “public” one (that your parents can follow) and a “private” one (that your parents can never, under any circumstance, learn about).



13. Going shopping with your mom. So she buys you things. 



14. Sending your parents a picture of your friends house to prove you’re there. It’s a real picture! It just wasn’t taken, like, now.



Do you ever do any of these things? Did I forget any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

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