16 Hilariously Embarrassing Stories Of People Getting Walked In On During Sex

Hooking up is great. Sometimes all you want to do is get intimate with your partner in private and enjoy each other’s company… naked. Whether it’s a quick make out sesh, or a full blown dim lights-candles-music love fest, taking the time for a romantic connection can do wonders for your relationship, and your mental health. There’s nothing that could get in the way of the two of you in those steamy moments – until someone walks in.

Being interrupted during sex is one of the more awkward things in life… that also unfortunately happens to just about everyone at some point or another. Whether it’s a noisy sibling, a clueless parent, a curious pet or a bumbling friend, it’s not enjoyable for anyone. You and bae scramble to cover yourselves and everyone tries not to laugh/cry/scream at the situation. When it happens to you, it can feel like the absolute worst thing in the world, but believe it or not, it will one day become a truly hilarious story that you’ll tell to all of your friends. And, to make you feel better, we’ve rounded up some other awkward stories about getting walked in on. Here, Reddit users share their real experiences on being walked in on for us to enjoy some second-hand embarrassment. Because sometimes you just need something to giggle about!

Dinner And A Show

trowededaway: I had been dating a girl for a few month in high school, so obviously we both lived with our respective parents. She was upstairs and you could normally hear here parents coming up the stairs, so there was usually time to bail.

One day, our luck runs out. We have sex and I decide I want to finish on her face (she was a champ about that kind of stuff). She's kneeling on the floor of her room, putting her hands and mouth to work. Somehow we didn't hear her mom come up the stairs. Just as I'm finishing on her face, her mom walks in. Everyone is frozen by the awkwardness (and I'm scared shitless).

Her mom simply goes "Wow! Sorry! Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes" - I've never had a more awkward meal, but it somehow didn't seem to bug her mom.

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Chocolate Chip Or Oatmeal Raisin?

guava_elite: My boyfriend's grandparents lived with him and they were at a doctor appointment for his grandmother to have a quick cataract surgery that morning. We were going at it and didn't hear them get back earlier than expected. We were butt naked, doggy style when his grandma opened the door to his bedroom letting us know they were home. My boyfriend flopped on top of me and I flattened out when we heard the door open. When she saw what was going on, she panicked and ran out of the room slamming the door. Luckily though, because of the surgery, she couldn't see that we were naked and just thought she walked in on a make out session. We were still in high school at the time and only had been dating a month so I was freaking out, knowing that she must think I'm a whore but all she said later that day was, "sorry I walked in on you two kissing, would you like some cookies?"

TL;DR boyfriend's grandma was temporarily blind when she walked in on us, offered us cookies later.

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Bye, Bye Boyfriend

deandreshaye: i got walked in by the girls dad while i was taking her from behind, he just stared straight into my soul and told us to get out of his house

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Under Covers Lovers

naossoan: old gf's sister walked in on us having sex. We were mostly under the blanket so she didn't see much but she didn't even care, she was like super nonchalant about the whole thing. She was just asking my gf for something and was just like, you guys are gross, and you shouldn't be doing that when mom and dad are home. my gf was like and YOU shouldn't just be walking in the room without knocking first!!!

I secretly wanted her to join in because she was super hot

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Is Honesty The Best Policy?

rildchaper9988: I was blindfolded and handcuffed to my gfs bed while she gave me a blowjob, her mom walked in, gasped, and said "what the hell is going on here?" My gf replied "Its exactly what it looks like."

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Accidental Threesome

hophead666: I was in my room having sex when a buddy of mine walked in on us. Figuring he would turn around and walk out, I didn't break stride....... Nope. He decided to crawl into bed with us and just stare. I thought it was hilarious after getting over the shock. She apparently did not. It couldn't have been that awkward though, she let me finish.

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You Owe Me One

accostedbyhippies: I had a buddy walk in on me getting a blowjob at a party. The look on his face was so priceless that both the girl and I started laughing so hard she couldn't finish.

Later he apologized and said "I guess I owe you a drink." I said "Nah, but you do owe me a blowjob."

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Hide And (Don't) Go Seek

timmehkuza: I was having sex with my girlfriend (at the time) on her couch in their living room at 4am and her mom walked in. Apparently her mother sleeps naked, so it freaked me out because for a split second I thought her 50 year old mother was going to ask to join in. I jumped over that couch so quick.

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Disappearing Act

thatgirlisaproblem: My freshman year of college, I was hooking up with this guy for a few months. One time we were going at it, it was super hot and heavy, and probably would've ended really quickly...then all of a sudden, one of his roommates walked in. Now he lived in a house, so he had his own room. But this other guy just opened the door and walked in. The guy I was hooking up with just stopped thrusting and started having a conversation with his roommate, and I just pulled the covers up over my head and pretended that I wasn't there. Unfortunately, hiding under covers does not make me completely invisible.

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Play It Cool

WillyDrumDrum: Freshman year of high school I was dating this girl and it was late at night, about 1030. We were downstairs and thought her parents were upstairs and asleep so we're watching a movie and she just grabs my D and starts giving me head for the first time. I was really horny and started taking her pants and shirt off. So she's laying there on the sofa giving me head in her panties when her dad walks right by us to go upstairs. I freak out but theres nothing I can really do so we just freeze. He keeps walking by and never said a word about it. Her parents had been drinking that night and I'm not sure if he was sleepwalking, wasted, or just didn't see us but it was so lucky. About a min later I came in her mouth and she was not expecting it, lol. Stayed with her for about a year after that, great times

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Awkward Introduction

The_Vulgar_hobo: When my now fiancée and I started dating, he lived 5 hours away, so we went at it like rabbits whenever he visited. I lived in a weird little old house with two room mates. My room did have a lock but for some reason, it was backwards and would lock from outside the room so it wasn't locked when we started going at it pretty intensely (hadn't seen each other in almost a month) although as far as I knew, no one would be home for another two hours. I guess not, my female roommate's father finally made the visit to our town. My roommate decided to show him the house, and needless to say... they got to see a lot more than expected. Me and my fiancée, completely naked, not only going at it but right at the worst time. After that we had to go to supper with them... worst meal ever. That's how I met my friends dad :-/

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Awkward Interruption

aries4883: My first gf. We were up in her room and she was going down on me, amazingly I might add. Her room was at the top of the stairs in her parents house, and all of a sudden we heard her mom coming up the stairs. Shocked, I widened my eyes as I heard the footsteps get closer...she called her name out once, and my gf didn't respond...I was fuckin shocked but she KEPT GOING when her mom knocked on her bedroom door. JUST before she walked in, she pulled up/off, and as the door opened my shirt got down low enough to cover myself before her mom could see anything amiss. Mom smiles at my gf and me, makes small talk for a second, SITS THE FUCK DOWN NEXT TO ME ON THE BED, more small talk, and then gets up and leaves. We looked at eachother and fell over laughing our asses off. I came while the mom was talking to us btw, managed to keep a straight face. Ah high school, the good ole days.

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Not Winning Any Popularity Contests

butt_loofa: freshmen year of college, my girlfriend at the time lived in a dorm room with two other roommates. She had one of the top bunks, so one day we got horny and she started giving me a bj on her roommate bottom bunk. The roommate whose bed we were on walks in, and screams and runs back out, as she had walked right in to be greeted by my cock and balls in my girlfriends mouth on her bed.

Everyone on the floor heard. Everyone knew.

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No Handy Way Out Of This Mess

Renner95: When I was a freshman in high school, I dated a girl who lived with her mom in an apartment. One day after school we were in her bedroom messing around. She was jerking me off and right as I started ejaculating, her mom knocked on the door and walked in to see her daughter's hand groping my dick and covered in semen. Safe to say I wasn't welcomed back.

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Runner's High

randysteel: Once when I was a sophomore in high school I took my then girlfriend on a picnic in a secluded area of the reservation by my house. Things are going well and being horny teenagers we started to fool around. As I am about to finish we hear quick footsteps and both sit up and look around to see a middle aged man jogging through the woods literally right past us. My ex froze with my dick in her hand in plain view. Made eye contact with him as he went right by our blanket and continued on his way not once looking back, I'm pretty sure his jog turned into a run at that point. And to make matters worse is that the direction he came from allowed him to watch everything as he came past. I found out that day what blue balls were, and I never even got to try and get laid in the woods by my ex ever again

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Do Not Disturb

BigBlue615: One time when I was visiting my girlfriend (we were long distance at the time), we were staying in a hotel. We were going at it, her hanging off the edge of the bed and me pounding her when all of a sudden, housekeeping just bursts in to the room. No knock, nothing to let us know they were coming. Unfortunately, this all happened RIGHT as I was about to cum. The housekeeper quickly turned around and left, but the damage was done and we didn't finish. 🙁

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Have you ever been walked in on during sex? What happened? Share your story below!


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