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No offense, but it’s September. AKA school season. AKA Virgo Season. AKA a month that, depending on your position on these two things, is either the best of times or the worst of times. But, no matter what the case may be, it’s here, so you’d better deal with it the best way that you can.

But what even is this best way, you might ask? Looking at what your horoscope has in store for you, duh! We’ve looked to the stars and found exactly what the celestial beings have planned for each of the signs. This way, you’ll be adequately prepared to weather your Virgo Season–or, at least, as adequately prepared as once can be. Check out your horoscope here:

 Virgo (August 24-September 23):


This month you can be your best friend or worst enemy–you choose. Your powers for good are at their strongest when the sun is traveling through the heavens in your own sign.  Write, speak, organize, and analyze. Start new regimes. Include a lot of self-love and nurturing: hot baths and lavender oil is like instant calm to you. Let your inner artist out to play. Perfection is a noble pursuit, but elusive and fleeting like the rest of reality. This would be the month to write your wishes out in detail.  Where do you want to be next year at this time? Intend the best to happen and it will, especially for you hard-working Virgo lovelies.


 Libra (September 24-October 23):


This is a month of productivity. So much energy to make things beautiful is available to you.  Consider that everything you get rid of makes room for more beautiful things to enter.  Your energy is highly focused on perfecting all the details in September. Now is the perfect time to begin new regimes that bring more health and beauty into your life. Invite charming companions to join you on your quest for peace and beauty.  One can be a lonely number for the lovely Libras of the world.  Connect from the heart for more rewarding connections. Call in Joy and Harmony!


 Scorpio (October 24-November 22):


You have been making serious progress lately–this month is filled with the energy you need to totally transform your life. Organize, analyze, and write down your ideas.  You have keen and discerning instincts right now. Use them to streamline your life and routines.  Healthy indulgences are the only ones that leave you feeling on top of your game. Remember, it is a fine line between pleasure and shame.  Your flair for drama can cause trouble when you’re not looking–but now you can see how everything fits together.  You are are the great decider, so choose wisely your investments of energy.


 Sagittarius (November 23-December 22):


Usually you have no interest in domestic duties of any kind.  But in September, while the sun travels through the sign of Virgo, we all get infused with the ability to carefully and thoroughly order our worlds. Take stock of everything of value and let go of the rest. This should be no problem for you as you tend to be an easy-come, easy-go sort. Life is nicer when you get your ducks in a row–then you can fly away. Short trips and will be just what you need to feel fabulous and  improve your world!


Capricorn (December 23-January 20):


Baby you were born to climb, like the mountain goat that is the symbol for your sign. It’s in every cell of your being, this need to achieve.  Remember though, life is short so all work and no play makes life rather sad really.  But this month, the sun is assisting you in getting yourself uber-organized.  Like, a deep-down, junk drawer cleaned out-type of organized. Like, get rid of anything you don’t need, use, or love kind of sorted. Get it? And, the stars are aligned in such a way that this whole process feels like absolute fun and, will leave you feeling on top of the world filled with joy. Yay September!


Aquarius (January 21-February 19):


Your mind is on fire this month.  You are getting downloads of brilliant solutions to long standing nuisances in your life.  How fun to get so on top of things! Clean out clutter. Ask yourself if you need it, use it or love it. Otherwise, get it gone. Give stuff to those in need. Such treasure can be mined from thrift shops or on Craigslist–you could even make some cash off the good stuff you don’t use. This is the time of year to organize the details of your reality–take special care of your diet and invest some time in stretching, in the very least.  Your fabulous feelings will be payment for your efforts.


Pisces (February 20-March 20):

zenThe Sun is traveling through your opposite sign this month. Virgos are orderly and detail oriented. Pisces like broad strokes and Virgo is worried over the kind of paint to use.  Together though, they cover all the bases and make beautiful art and take inspired action. Opposites attract because the have things to learn from each other. And, together, you can achieve harmony. Use the Virgo power to organize to create clear space in your world.  De-clutter: ask yourself if you need it, use it, or love it. If not, pass it on or sell it.  You are too sensitive to live in chaos, but September blesses you with the energy to create order. Enjoy that lovely feeling of order. You deserve it.


 Aries (March 21-April 20):


You can ride the wave of productivity in September. This month is great for getting things orderly. You can make plans and start new healthy regimes easier than any other time of year. Take the bull by the horns and make your move.   It sounds easy, but it may be the bravest thing you ever had to do. Courageous Mars is your ruling planet to help you release your inner freedom fighter. You have unlimited potential, so don’t waste it on self-destructive fun.  No pleasure that cannot be savored in the morning is worth the indulgence. Lean into leadership.


Taurus (April 21-May 21):


Did you know you can be stuck like glue in your ways? Gently nudge that stubborn bull inside to try some healthy new ways to be you.  Your staying power is second to none use it to stick to healthy routines.  Learn to indulge in the nurturing gifts of mother earth.  Learn about essential oils. Hike in the woods to breathe in the medicine of the trees. Get your world in order and trust the changes you are making now will bring you a new sense of safety and connection to all that is. The seasons are about to change-a big shift to within is at hand. Support yourself with flexibility.


 Gemini (May 22-June 21):


September gives your chance to get clear. Mental Mercury, your ruling planet, is influencing things. Get things in tip top order. Write, analyze, organize–all the stuff you are naturally great at.  You can really get clear about what you want in a long term kind of way.  You are the sort that needs a lot to sample to keep that electric mind of yours happy. Look for ways to satisfy this and build towards a future. The more solid foundation you can build, the more freedom you will have to follow your nose and experience all that the Universe has to offer.


 Cancer (June 22-July 23):


Be the boss of you this month. You can be super bossy energetically because of your natural urge to lead.  Just try to be aware of the vibes you are beaming–people feel what you feel.  No one likes to be controlled (especially not you), so let others be. Just because they need fixing does not mean you should take on the project.  We are not astrological grown-ups until we are thirty or so, when Saturn has completed one revolution around your birth chart.  You be your project until then–you will have gained the wisdom to be discerning enough to choose worthy investments for your precious energy.


Leo (July 24-August 23):


This month you can reverse any damage done with all the fun. You may feel a little sad to see the lights go up. The urge to work hits us all in September and sunshiny you is not immune.  You have mad skills in commanding attention and arranging things the way you like them, and with mercury influencing things you will feel clear and certain. That feels nice too. Not in a party party kind of way, but in “master of your domain” type way instead.  You will feel good getting your plan on paper and ordering your world. A good rule is if you don’t need it, use it, or love it–get rid of it. Make space for Joy- and all that is warm and cozy.

Was your horoscope right this month? What insight did it give you? Tell us in the comments!

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