9 Weird Morbid Thoughts That Are Totally Normal To Have

Have you ever gone hiking and imagined yourself jumping off of a mountain? How about this: An elaborate fantasy of your classmates reacting to the news of your untimely death; acquaintances sobbing, friends saying nice things at your funeral. What about imagining yourself screaming uncontrollably in the middle of a test? These thoughts might come to you in an instant, making you feel like a weirdo before abandoning your mind completely, until the next ridiculous thought comes along some time later. But for the most part, you don’t have anything to worry about; you’re not necessarily suicidal and you’re not necessarily a danger to others, you’re just having an intrusive thought.

This hilarious scene from the movie Submarine sums it up perfectly:

Intrusive thoughts are unpleasant, fleeting thoughts that can range from absurd to incredibly violent. But believe it or not, everyone has them. The only time intrusive thoughts can become a problem is if you start obsessing over them. Can you not focus in class because you keep envisioning yourself committing suicide? Is the idea of careening your car into traffic stopping you from driving down a particular road? Is your violent fantasy of your mom being killed causing you to text her every hour to make sure that she’s okay? If these bad thoughts are stopping you from functioning as you normally would, then you might be experiencing symptoms of OCD or even PTSD; you should make an appointment with a therapist ASAP.

But for most of us, this isn’t the case. Some terrible image pop into our head, we think, “gah, that’s weird,” and then we move on with our day. Still, it never hurts to get some reassurance that that visual you had of kicking your cat out the window isn’t a sign that you’re a sociopath. So, for your peace of mind, here are nine weird, morbid thoughts that everyone has. Yes, everyone.

Something Terrible Happening To Someone

Sometimes when I'm waiting for the train at the subway station, I imagine someone on the platform falling into the tracks. This doesn't mean that I'm disturbed, or that I want that to happen. Believe it or not, sometimes thinking about bad things is a weird survival mechanism that helps keep us more alert in case something bad does happen.


People's Reactions To Your Untimely Death

Okay, own up: We've all done this, especially when we've felt a little down or a unloved. The scene in the embedded video above sums up the lavishness of this fantasy perfectly: The media reaction, our parents' solemn response, our friends regretting not appreciating, our crush crying at our grave...LOL. It can all get so extra that it's almost embarrassing to admit that the thought has crossed our minds, but anyone who says they've never had an intrusive thought about the reaction to their untimely death is a liar.


Killing Yourself

You're not the only one who has thought, "Hm, what would it be like if I just stepped off of this sidewalk right now and walked into traffic?" It's a violent image, no doubt, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're having serious suicidal ideation. If this thought, however, becomes frequent, and you're thinking into it more than you would other intrusive thoughts--especially if you have depression--you should contact a doctor and/or contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline to talk or chat with someone who can help you.

The Virgin Suicides

Killing Someone

One second, you'll be shopping, scrolling through Instagram, or reading a book. The next, your brain is riddled with a lurid scene of you stabbing someone to death. Yeah, it's alarming, but most people have these thoughts from time to time. The only thing you have to be worried about is if you read too deeply into what your imagined bloodlust could mean.

The Craft

Something Incredibly Sexual

We all have fantasies, but those can be a little different than suddenly imagining yourself stripping in the middle of English class, or performing oral sex on a random dude on the bus. Still, it's totally normal. Hell, believe it or not, it's even pretty common for people to have intrusive thoughts of sexual violent imagery. That doesn't mean that they secretly want to be a rape victim or that they want to commit a sexual crime. It's just brain noise.

The To-Do List

Careening Your Car Into A Crowd

More than a handful of times, as I drove my car down the street, I wondered what would happen if I started gunning it towards the traffic going in the opposite direction, or if I just slammed the gas and drove into a crowd of people on the sidewalk like I was in Grand Theft Auto. If you're a driver and never thought about the carnage you could inflict while driving a metal box of death on wheels, then you're a pretty unique individual. This is an incredibly normal thought to have. Don't try too hard not to think about it, or you'll just think about it more!


Screaming Out Of Nowhere

Believe it or not, it's not that weird to stand in line at airport security and wonder, "What would happen if I screamed 'bomb!' right now?" Something like this is the definition of a mind trick. You're in a setting where you know and adhere to the rules of decorum, so it's natural for your mind to wander and wonder what taboos would break said decorum.

The O.C.

Harming Someone (Or Something) Totally Defenseless

So, you're cradling your baby cousin in your arms, and then you have a sudden image of dropping him on the floor. Or, you're petting your dog, and the next thing you know, you're envisioning yourself swinging it by its tail while it whimpers. You're not a heartless monster, but it can feel like it when we're imagining the worst of the worst happening to something so innocent and defenseless. Unless these thoughts result in you deciding to avoid being near children or dogs...you're good.

The Simpsons

Hearing Tragic News

Envisioning finding out that your parents died, or that your BF/GF was killed in a car crash? Been there. While this most likely means absolutely nothing, thoughts like this could also be a response to stress. Has a parent been sick recently? Are they getting on in age? Did you witness bae driving a little carelessly? These triggers make a little more sense when you connect the dots.

Twin Peaks

What ridiculous intrusive thoughts do you have every now and then? Tell us in the comments!

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