7 Items For Safe Sex You Need If You Hook Up With Girls

When you think of learning about practicing safe sex, you probably think about someone coming into your health class and rolling a condom on a banana. That’s fine, but why do we never discuss safe sex items for girls having sex with other girls? Of course, heterosexual sex brings along the possibility of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, while lesbian sex does not, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still at risk of other complications. STDs and STIs can still be transmitted between two women from sharing bodily fluids and having genital contact for an extended period of time. Never forget: back in the ’80s and earlier, gay men assumed they could have sex without condoms since they didn’t face the risk of pregnancy. This led to a spread of HIV and AIDs before anyone knew anything about the virus (which is why so many people thought AIDs was something only gay men could contract). Lesbians require safe sex items too.

It can sometimes seem like the idea that sex between too women is safe without protection comes from homophobia – because of the lack of penetration, it isn’t thought of as “real sex.” On top of that, so many of us only learn about several safe sex options, like condoms, birth control pills, and Plan B. All of these go back to preventing pregnancy, aside from condoms, which makes you think you don’t need anything when getting down and dirty with another vagina. The truth is, no matter who you’re sleeping with, you need to make an effort to protect yourself. Here are seven items that will help you have safe sex if you hook up with girls. Go get ’em!

Do you practice safer sex when you’re with girls? Or do you choose not to? Let us know in the comments!

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