11 Gross Things We All Do With Our Clothes

Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed fashionista or shopping lover, you have a special feeling of affection towards your clothes and accessories. You may not always hang up your stuff on hangers (guilty) or throw them in the laundry hamper after you take them off (guilty again), but you probably try to keep your stuff looking nice so you can wear it as long as possible. That being said, there are some things you probably do with your clothes that even you consider a bit, well, gross.

We all have those things we do that we know are a bit gross, but we do them anyways. It applies to your clothes as well as your makeup and skincare regimen. They’re not eating-bugs-on-Survivor gross, but they’re not exactly things that you want to shout from the rooftops about.

This is a place of no judgment, alright? Whatever you want to do (or not do) with your clothes is totally your prerogative. I’m not here to force everyone into some strict clothing regimen. If you’re curious about if anyone else does the “weird” things you do with your clothes, welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Here are 11 gross things that you do with your clothes that you thought no one else did.

1. Washing your jeans basically… never.


There are countless jean companies who say that you shouldn’t wash your denim frequently, so you’re just sticking with the rules! Plus, the feeling of freshly washed jeans is that absolute worst. They’re all hard and molded to your body, but in completely the wrong way.


2. Never cleaning out your purse.


You may use your purse every single day, but you don’t treat it like the rest of your things in your wardrobe. Even if you have one that is actually washable, you would never think to throw it in the laundry. And who has time for that wipe with a damp cloth nonsense? As long as your purse fits all your stuff, and there are no maggots crawling out of it, you’re good.


3. Wearing something without washing it.


You didn’t wear it that long. You only wore it for like 12 hours, and you didn’t even break a sweat. It can be worn a second time. That way you’ll save on laundry and time. Score.


4. Assuming dry clean means “wear until it becomes too dirty then throw away.”


Who really has the time, money, or effort to get something dry cleaned? Is that going to stop you from buying something? Absolutely not. If a garment is cute but it is dry clean only, you’re going to buy it up, no matter what. It’s the store’s fault they still sell things that are dry clean only.


5. Washing your bras not-so-frequently.


You wear them every day, but you never think to wash them every day…or week…or month. You can use the excuse that you have so many different bras that you don’t need to wash them frequently. Or maybe you tell yourself that you don’t wash ’em a lot because you don’t want them to stretch out.


6. Sucking a stain from your top.


No washcloth close by? No problem. Besides, that coffee tastes almost as good on your top as it does in the mug. Ditto for that grape juice.


7. Never bothering to hem your pants.


It may not sound that gross at first, but a few weeks of walking around with the hems of your pants picking up everything from dust to subway gunk to dirty water quickly takes things into nasty territory. And once things get to a certain point, no amount of washing is going to fix it. Are you going to throw your pants away? Nah.


8. Giving zero F’s that the pits on your t-shirts are stained.


Yeah, that t-shirt has yellow armpits, so what? It’s a cute t-shirt apart from that. You tried some random DIY methods to remove the strains, but they didn’t work. Now you’re all #yellowpitsdontcare.


9. Cleaning your jewelry, like, never.


“Clean my jewelry, what?” is probably the thing that goes through most of our heads. You might say that you would clean your jewels if you had some fancy gold stuff, but beyond that, nothing. It’s all going to end up in the jewelry box after you wear it, and you never think about what things could be growing in there.


10. Using the “hang outside” method for cleaning.


Who needs laundry when you can just hang your clothes outside? A gentle breeze and the warm sun can clean anything almost as good as laundry soup and a gentle rise cycle, right?


11. Wearing something with holes in it.


Some people distress their clothes with razors and sand paper. You just let the natural aging process do the work. Besides, if something has a hole, but no one can see it, does it really count as a hole? That’s a philosophical thought to ponder.


What is something gross you do with your clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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