8 Weird Places You Can Get Pimples

Pimples are super annoying – they always manage to pop up when you least expect it (pun intended). As I’ve discovered, they have a tendency to sprout their big, inflamed heads at the absolute worst times. Hello, date nights, job interviews, or any other time when there is guaranteed to be a camera in your face. Or, sometimes, it’s not even about your face – there are so many other weird places you can get pimples.

Zits don’t just appear at random times, they can also appear in some very random spots. Most of us are unfortunately all too familiar with the zits we get on our chins and foreheads, but pimples can spread anywhere on your bod. You might be dealing with a case of bacne or chest acne right now… and that isn’t even the end of it. Pretty much wherever you have skin, you can get a pimple. If you have ever been surprised to find a hair in an unlikely spot, you will be even more surprised to find a pimple in some place you wouldn’t even think to apply zit cream or concealer.  These are eight unexpected places you can get pimples.

Your Vagina

Yup, you can get pimples down there. You might have confused an ingrown hair for a pimple before, but getting actual zits down there happens. If you're breaking out on your vag, consider the type of underwear you're wearing. If it's super tight and in a non-breathable fabric, it might be time to embrace some cotton undies.

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Your Boobs

Here's a reason to wash your bra more: You can get breakouts on your tits. If you have chest acne, you may notice a pimple in your boob zone. It's not like zits discriminate about what part of your body they go on, right? And it makes sense: when your bra gets old and worn, it collects sweat and bacteria. As it rubs against your skin, it can easily lead to a breakout.

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Your Ears

Your ears are pretty much part of your face, so why would the pimples suddenly stop there? You can find a zit on almost any part of your ear, from the lobe to the back to the inner part. The good news? If your hair is long, you can just wear it down and no one will know about your random ear zit.

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Your Butt

Butt acne is actually pretty common. Too-tight pants and underwear can be the culprits. If you're thinking about where you can find a full-length mirror to look at your butt for pimples right now, you're not alone.

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Your Neck

Ahhh, neck pimples. You might have experienced a nasty breakout around your jawline, but those buggers can continue spreading south. If you had to pick, a zit on your neck would probably be better than a hickey, right? Hickeys are NOT easy to conceal.

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Your armpit is a sweaty, sweaty place. And sometimes, that sweat doesn't have anywhere to go. Your pits are basically a breeding ground for bacteria so you really shouldn't be shocked if you see a stray pimple there. Just be sure that it isn't an ingrown hair.

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Cold sores are the worst, but zits are not pleasant, either. Your lipsticks and glosses can cause breakouts around your lip line. To avoid them, look for non-comedogenic formulas and take that makeup off before bed. It doesn't matter how tired you are, just do it.

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Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are on your face, right? So, why wouldn't you get pimples on them? You can get zits around the perimeter of your brows and even in between the hairs. To keep brow zits from happening, make sure you're removing all your eye makeup and brow products. Also, try not to touch your eyebrows with your dirty fingers.

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What is the weirdest spot you’ve had a pimple? Let us know in the comments!

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