17 Of The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Rihanna Rejecting Drake

Call it rejection, call it curving, call it what you will, but something definitely went down on stage between Drake and Rihanna last night while he was presenting her with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards. After confessing his love for Rihanna (his words were, “I’ve been in love with her since I was 22 years old”), Drake seemed to try and go in for a kiss, which Rhianna appeared to dodge. While I’m sure you guys have watched the hilarious, yet sort of heartbreaking, video over and over again ( or was that just me?) here it is again for a little refresher.


Did they actually kiss or not? Does she love him as much as he loves her? Is Drake the rude boy that Rihanna is always singing about?! Or is Hotline Bling actually about Rihanna? Obviously, the internet blew up with the almost-kiss-turned-awkward hug, and Drake’s declaration of love for Rihanna, who preformed an astonishing FOUR TIMES last night, but couldn’t bother to kiss Drake back. Honestly, goals. Check out the best reactions below:


1. I, for one, was reminded of this iconic moment:


2. We’ve all been there, right?


3. Did they ACTUALLY kiss or not?


4. Was he going to propose?


5. But what about Nicki?!


6. Remember when?


7. Honestly, same.


8. Drake HAS to write a song about this, tbh. 

9. Remember this forever:


10. Ouch.


11. Goals?


12. TRUE.


13. Poor Drake 🙁


14. Literally NO chill.


15. Also TRUE.


16. I think this is probably what happened.


17. But, in the end, he did post a picture of them kissing. Well, him kissing her. On the cheek.

Did you watch the VMAs? What was your favorite part? Tell us in the comments!

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