14 Adorable Ways To Upcycle Old Candle Jars

Everybody in my house LOVES candles. Since it’s coming up on the best time of the year (autumn, duh) I have been stocking up on my favorite candles for those chilly fall nights. But, since I do use candles a lot, I also have a ton of extra candle jars, just hanging around the house, not being used. Some of them are just old, some of them don’t have any wax left in them. What’s a girl to do? I mean, I don’t want to throw out perfectly good jars, but also, there is no wick left so what’s the point? The answer is upcycling, of course!

While you’re super excited to go out and buy your favorite pumpkin-spiced scented candle (it’s never too soon for that), you also want to make use of the jars you have. Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do with old candle jars, after you clean them out of course. They can be used for anything from storage containers to decorative lighting for your room. What are you waiting for? Check out these amazing ways to use old candle jars:


1.First things first: you have to clean out that candle jar.



You don’t want your cute candle jars to be all waxy when you are upcycling them, so be sure to give them a good cleaning.


2. Color the top and add a knob for a cute container.



These little candle jars will make your room look cute, while being able to store some of your most important items like makeup remover pads or bobby pins.


3. Or wrap some fabric around an old candle jar and make it into a vase.



This super easy DIY vase will brighten up any room almost as much as a candle would. Well, maybe not quite as bright as a candle, but you get it.


4. Make a cute candy jar to keep sweets in your room.



All you need to do for this tutorial is as a candle stick holder to attach to the candle jar and you’ll have a cute storage container for anything from candy to your favorite lipsticks.


5. Or use the candle tops to keep your desk organized.



You can even paint them for a unique way to hold your paper clips and rubber bands! So smart.


6. Bake some delicious desserts in your jar.



Did you know you could bake things in an old candle jar? I mean, it makes sense when you think about it. They are MADE to be able to withstand hot temperatures. These would make cute gifts or a fun DIY project with your friends.


7. Or use them as they were intended, by adding little tea lights.



Who says you can’t use old candle jars for actual candles? By adding a tiny tea light and some crocheted fabric, you can have a cozy addition to your bedroom.


8. Paint the jars and make them into pumpkins!



Wait, it’s not too early for Halloween preparations, right? I mean, these cute little jars are so easy to make and can keep your room looking spooky all fall, or all year long. We’re not judging.


9. Or cover the old candle jars with washi tape.



Can you tell I love washi tape? You can put it on anything to give it an instant update, like these old candle jars.


10. Fill it with fairy lights to make your room look like magic.



I am guilty of having three of these in my room at the moment. All you need to do is stick some LED lights into the jar and you’re good to go! It makes the room so much more cozy.


11.  Add some cute ribbon and some beads to make a brush holder.



A perfect way to keep your brushes organized…or at least make it look like you are organized.


12. Add a photo and some souvenirs for a unique keepsake.



Never want summer to end? Keep your summer memories alive by adding sand and photos from the beach for an awesome keepsake.


13. Add seashells!



If you REALLY want to keep the summer dream alive, add those seashells you collected over the years (we’ve all done it) to en empty candle jar for decoration.





You can turn ANYTHING into a planter these days. Why not add a candle succulent to your collection?

Did you try any of these DIY? How did it come out? Tell us in the comments!

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