7 Weird Things We’re Attracted To According To Science

You know that feeling when you’re attracted to someone? You know what I’m talking about. When you get all weak in the knees, and you have trouble getting your brain to function properly because there is all of that hotness in close proximity to you? We’ve all been in that awkward situation. You might think that’s all there is to being attracted to someone, but it isn’t. Whether we have the hots for someone or not is actually a science. And sometimes, the reason we think someone is cute to someone isn’t just because they have a nice face or body – according to scientific studies, there are some weird things we’re attracted to that we never even think about.

That’s right, science is one of the things behind your crush. Unfortunately, they don’t teach you this stuff in school. Instead, they’re more concerned about making you memorize all of the elements on the periodic table and helping you classify animals into different fancy groups. It’s a shame, because finding out more about what makes you attracted to someone is a lot more beneficial than learning whether that kangaroo falls into invertebrates or vertebrates, am I right?

I’m here to give you a quick lesson on the subject. I’m going to spare you all of the talk about cells and focus on some of the interesting facts that result in whether a person makes our palms all sweaty or whether they are simply no bueno for us. You’re welcome. Take a look at seven interesting facts about being attracted to someone.

You Become Attracted To Sweat

All that stuff about the scent of attraction isn't just some poet's flowery writing... It's legit. And it doesn't have to do with liking someone's fragrance. The Social Issues Research Center reports that girls are highly sensitive to male pheromones, especially those in fresh sweat. So, apparently, sweaty dudes just out of the gym or football practice are something we're attracted to. Stale sweat? Not so much.

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We Think Symmetrical Faces Are Hot

You know how you're always reading about some person who has the most symmetrical face? Do you ever wonder why people care so much? Well, apparently we think symmetrical features equals good genes, according to a study on the subject. No word on what our bodies think of asymmetrical haircuts then.

We're Into Our Opposite

If you think that you're subconsciously looking for someone with similar DNA to you, one study showed that it could be the opposite. When women were given different dude's t-shirts to sniff, they found that women were more turned on by the t-shirts of guys who had the most different DNA to theirs.

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The Pill Can Make Us Find Different People Attractive

So it turns out that the pill doesn't just mess around with your hormones, it can also screw around with who you find attractive. Plus, studies have shown that taking the pills can impact what guys get the hots for you. And it can even change during your relationship.

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Guys Are More Into 'Average' Faces

Hands up if you thought peeps are attracted to those rare exotic beauties (i.e. supermodels)? Well, one study showed that dudes are actually more attracted to facial averageness, AKA people with faces who look like the rest of the population.

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Guys Are Into Fertile Women More

Apparently guys do have their own Spidey sense when it comes to finding fertile females. One study gave dudes t-shirts women wore at different times of the month. The guys found the tees the sexiest when the females were at the most fertile.  It's biology, baby.

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Sometimes The Object They Have Can Change How We Feel

A lot of studies show that it's all down to cells that determine our attraction, but one interesting one showed that we can prime our minds into thinking peeps are attractive. The study compared girls' responses to guys holding hot and cold drinks. The ladies were more attracted to dudes with hot drinks because they judged them as being warmer. [Insert your own hot joke here.]

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What do you think is the weirdest fact? Let us know in the comments!

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