25 Funny Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Explain What It’s Like Going To Your Friend’s House

Going to your friend’s house can be one of two things: extremely awkward, or a little bit too comfortable, depending on how many times you’ve been there. Going to a friend’s house for the first time can feel strange and kind of uncomfortable. You don’t know what kind of rules their parents have, and the thought of getting scolded by your friend’s mom makes you want to die. You aren’t sure where to sit, you’re starving and you really want food but don’t know how to ask for it, and keeping a conversation going with their parents feels impossible. Sometimes, you never end up feeling comfortable in a friend’s house, and it always feels like that, which is… not ideal. That’s what most of these Tumblr posts area bout: being at your friend’s house and feeling kind of awkward.  

The best thing is when you start to feel more at home in your friend’s home. After a while, you know their parents and you feel more familiar with the family dynamics. You feel pretty confident about grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge, and you do so ~nonchalantly~ when another friend comes over too to show that you’re the alpha. You can make jokes and show up whenever you want, and you know it’s totally cool.

But until then? Well, things can certainly be amusing. Check out these Tumblr posts on what it’s really like when you go to your friend’s house to hang out: 

1. When your friend is getting in trouble for something and you want to laugh but you can’t.



2. When your friend leaves you alone:



3. When a group of you are at a friend’s house and they get in trouble and you’re all just like:



4. Or when you walk in the door and they’re getting yelled at and you try to leave quietly.



5. When your friend’s mom compliments you:



6. Sometimes your friend gets yelled at in front of you and you have no idea what to do:



7. When your friend asks their parents for something in front of you:



8. When your friend’s parents offer food and they decline without asking you:



9. When they get in trouble and you want to disappear:



10. When you’re trying to be polite:



11. Trying to figure out how your friend’s parents feel about you:



12. When an argument stops and you have to remind them you’re still there:



13. Putting on a show so your friend’s parents will like you:



14. When you have to act extremely polite and unlike yourself:



15. If you act crazy because your parents are too strict to do so at home:



16. When your friend finally asks if you’re hungry:



17. Literally what you do the entire time:



18. When you tried to trick your parents when you were a kid:



19. The only conversation you guys have:



20. When your friend is sleeping and you have nothing to do with yourself:



21. Being forced to eat things you don’t like:



22. When you get to eat food you’re normally not supposed to eat:



23. The worst: when your friend’s parents start fighting.



24. When you have to eat something but you don’t want to so it’s tiny:



25. When you’re shy AF and their family is not:


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