7 Surprisingly Fun Ways To Bond With Bae That Aren’t Cheesy

The idea of “bonding” with your partner sort of sounds like a scheduled activity between an old married couple who haven’t felt the spark in their relationship anymore. But don’t think of it like that – think of it as having fun with with your BF/GF/whatever and a chance to learn more about your dynamic with each other. This is especially useful if you and your partner can’t see each other every day, have weird schedules, go to different schools, etc.

Sure, there’s something to be said about the little joys of just hanging out; watching a movie together, scrolling through your phones in peaceful silence, etc. But after a while, that starts to feel so routine that it doesn’t really feel all that special. You’re not learning something new from your billionth rewatch of The Avengers with your GF, and you probably already saw the meme that your BF is laughing about. So why not try something a little different? Check out these seven surprisingly fun ways to bond with bae. Whether it’s doing the “Try Not To Cry” challenge together, or trying out a recipe you saw on Pinterest, you’ll find something that you’ll want to do ASAP.

Try The 'Try Not To Cry' Challenge

Okay, so after instantly crying while watching a few of these commercials on my own, I decided to try it with my BF to see if his stoic wall would crumble. It did, and it was weirdly…comforting? Guys are taught at a pretty early age that crying is an embarrassing weakness, so if your BF is able to show that kind of vulnerability around you, that’s a pretty good sign that he’s not some overly macho monster with no feelings.

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Go Bike Riding

This is already seen as a pretty romantic activity to do with someone, but I didn’t realize how much it can tell you about your relationship! Bike riding together requires communication skills, but more importantly, it can reveal your level of care and thoughtfulness with each other. Are you biking too fast and can’t be bothered to ride at a pace that’s more comfortable for bae? Does your boo see everything as a competition and always feel the need to race you? Do you get a little too annoyed a little too quickly if your BF/GF has to take more breaks than you? This is a good opportunity to give your relationship a bit of a check up in an enjoyable package.


Do A DIY Project

My BF and I recently moved in together, so we’ve been spending a lot of time putting together furniture and setting up our lil’ apartment. Creating something together required teamwork, communication, and compromise, and it was put to the test in a fun way. You don’t have to be living together to do this, of course. Find a DIY project and have at it one weekend. I assure you that if you two manage to do it without getting into a big fight about what piece goes where, it’ll be a massive turn on.

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Hang Out With Some Animals

Whether it’s a cat cafe, an animal shelter, or a petting zoo, spending time with your partner around animals isn’t just fun, it’s also a little romantic. I went to a county fair with my boyfriend recently and he encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone and pet some cows (shown here), horses, goats…animals that I would have otherwise been a little too apprehensive to get that up close and personal with. Also, it’s just endearing to see your partner interact with animals outside of their own pets. You’ll immediately turn into a heart-eye emoji.

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Have A Pampering Session

This is one of the most low key options, but it’s still really fun. Have you and your bae ever just, like, got in a tub with a Lush bath bomb, threw on a face mask, and chilled? If you have a girlfriend, she might be more used to this than a boyfriend would; for a boyfriend, this would be a whole new world, one that he might be apprehensive about because dudes aren’t really exposed to that kind of stuff. Well, better late than never.

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Cook Something Together

No, don't pull a Cher Horowitz and just leave something baking in the oven before bae arrives. This is similar to the DIY project, but arguably better because who the hell doesn’t like food? Get some alone time—maybe your parents aren’t home, or your dorm kitchen is empty—find a recipe that you both like (and that you've never done before), and spend an afternoon or an evening making it. Split the work, though, so that it’ snot just one person doing everything. You’ll get to be close, make something out of nothing, devour it, and then hook up afterwards with full bellies and a sense of accomplishment. What’s better than that?


Draw Each Other

This might sound cheesy, but have you and your bae ever tried drawing each other? It’s actually a really fun and silly activity (plus, it can reveal which of your features bae thinks are most prominent…for better or for worse, LOL). This can be a bit of hard sell for some because there are plenty of people who just aren’t confident in their abilities to paint or draw. But honestly, who cares, this isn’t about making a good grade in art class, it’s about having fun. If a one-on-one art session seems a bit much, find a figure drawing class to take (you might even be able to drop in on one at school) or—if you’re allowed to drink—do one of those classes where you drink wine and paint at the same time.


What bonding activities do you like to do with your partner? Tell us in the comments!

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