Quiz: Are You Actually Sexist?

I know that calling out sexist people seems to be really ~in~ at the moment, but it shouldn’t be a trend that comes in and out of style. Sexism is a serious topic, and sometimes you might not even know that you are being sexist. Certain things, like making fun of what another girl is wearing or laughing along to a sexual assault joke that seems innocent, can actually contribute to sexism. Yes, you can be sexist even if you’re a girl! It’s actually pretty common.  Sexism is a bigger issue than most people think. It can really affect how women view themselves and their peers, and can contribute to self-esteem issues and more – even when you’re the one dishing out the sexism.


Sometimes, you might be doing something sexist without even realizing it, because that’s just the way that people in our society are raised. It’s totally unfair, I know, but there are ways to combat sexism, like becoming aware of how your actions can effect other people, and informing other people when they are being sexist. The biggest problem with sexism is that most people don’t even realize that they are being problematic in the first place. And hey, that could be you, even if you are really awesome. Want to know if you’re harboring some internalized misogyny? Start by taking this quiz to find out if you’re actually sexist.

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