8 Scary Things That Can Happen To Your Vagina You’ve Never Heard Of

When it comes to scary/annoying vaginal conditions, STDs, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections are probably the three biggest concerns you’ll think of. I wish I could say that these are the only bad things that can happen to your vagina, but unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Alas, there are a lot of other conditions that affect your down there area in a way that is kind of scary and majorly annoying. Aside from the things that usually need to be treated by a doctor, we can add in equally fun conditions like irregular periods, general and random vaginal pain, and spotting. And we’re just getting started.

There is a lot that can be up (or should I say “down?”) with your vagina. With all of the different issues that can happen in your nether regions, you can sometimes feel like your vag is its own separate person. I mean, just think about all of the baggage that it has.

While we might be familiar with gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis, and all of those other lovely sounding diseases, there are some vaginal conditions that you can have that you might not even know about. I’m not trying to panic you. Chances are that if your vag isn’t bothering you, everything is a-okay. I’m just getting everyone up to speed on the different types of conditions you can have. That way if anything ever seems off, you’ll be more in the know, and can see a doctor when needed. Good luck out there!


Sex and the City fans might remember this one. This is the technical term for Charlotte's "sad vagina." It's where you experience pain, burning, or itching around the opening of your vag, specifically on your vulva. It can be a tricky one to treat because docs aren't 100 percent what causes it. It can be related to injuries, pelvic floor muscle weakness, past vaginal infections, or something else, according to the National Vulvodynia Association.

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Vaginal Fistula

A vaginal fistula might sound like some kinky sex act, but it isn't anything like that. The Bladder and Bowel Foundation describes vaginal fistulas as holes that are created between the vaginal wall and another related part such as the womb, bladder, or urethra. The condition is usually caused by pelvic injury, radiotherapy, or obstetric trauma in developing countries.

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Have you tried to have sex, but you gave up because it was just too damn painful? Sometimes it is just nerves and a lack of lube, but other times it could be vaginismus. Other symptoms include burning, tightness, body spasms, and difficulty inserting a tampon. FYI: The Vaginismus website states the condition can affect people in all different stages of their lives.

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Vaginal Fissures

Vaginal fissures, or vaginal cracking, sound terrifying. Note that this doesn't involve your vag splitting in two. The fissures are usually caused after having sex. Med Guidance reports that the causes of them can include low estrogen levels, herpes, infection, or simply getting your freak on without lubing up.

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Fibroids are actually a very common thing according to WebMD. Approximately 77 percent of women are estimated to have them, but do you know what their deal is? They're essentially uterine tumors which usually grow during our reproductive years. (Thanks, periods.) WebMD points out that only about 0.1 percent are cancerous and some do regress when you hit menopause.

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Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder

Yeah, when you read the name this one doesn't sound quite so bad. Being horny all the time? Sure. However, it isn't like that. Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder suffers say how debilitating the condition can be. You'd probably know if you had it by now because symptoms include things like intense arousal and spontaneous orgasms, according to Medical News Today. The symptoms are not linked to sexual feelings but can be triggered by almost anything such as riding a bike. Yikes.

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Vaginitus is one that you might have heard of, but you may not be 100 percent sure what its deal is. Let me explain: Vaginitus causes swelling of the vulva and the vagina. Medicinenet states that it is similar to vulvodynia, but the difference is in vulvodynia only the vulva is affected. Numerous things can cause vaginitis including HPV, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, and allergic reactions to things like perfume and soap.

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Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is something that impacts a lot of older women because of their lower estrogen levels, but it can happen at any age. WebMD states that allergies, a lack of foreplay, and douching can contribute to it. Symptoms include itching, burning, or pain down there.

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How many of the conditions did you know about? Let us know in the comments!

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