7 Helpful Tips On How To Masturbate When You Have Your Period

What’s more taboo than females who love masturbating? Masturbating while you have your period! Since we LOVE taboo topics at Gurl, let’s just get it over with and talk about it. It’s actually more common than you would think. Masturbating is natural and healthy, and just because your vag is bleeding does not mean you have to take a masturbation vacation (ha!). Recently, user megsypetal62 came to our boards to bring attention to the taboo topic. She wrote: “Hi, I was just wondering how people masturbate on their periods? Do you put your finger in or just play with your clit/boobs? If I did put my finger in, would I get covered in blood? Need advice.”

While this is a very reasonable question, it’s not something you would want to run to your mom about. Talking about periods and masturbation can be embarrassing, especially when you put the two together. That’s why we’re here. Our users came to the rescue to help give tips on how to masturbate even when you’re getting your dreaded monthly visit from Aunt Flo. Obviously, it’s all about doing what makes you comfortable, but there’s no harm in trying something out if you’re curious. I mean, masturbating is supposed to be fun, not some sort of chore. You should never feel like you have to do it. That said, it’s time for some tips! Check out what some of our girls said about period masturbation:

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