15 Embarrassing Questions We All Have For The Gynecologist

I have yet to meet someone who feels comfortable at the gynecologist. Having a stranger (even a medical professional) get that close to your vagina is awkward, no matter how comfortable you are with your body or discussing your sexual health. It’s even more awkward when you have an embarrassing question to ask your gyno, which is a situation we’ve all found ourselves in at some point. Even though you know this is literally their job, and even though you know they’ve more than likely heard it before, it can still feel so uncomfortable to voice your concerns out loud.

A lot of that embarrassment comes from the way we learn about vaginas during sexual education classes. Most people aren’t taught much, and this exclusion of vagina topics makes the vag seem more taboo. You’re left feeling like you shouldn’t talk about it, and that if something is wrong down there, there’s something wrong with you. None of that is true, but what is true is that you don’t ask your gyno the important questions you have, you could be putting yourself at risk for some annoying health problems. To show you aren’t alone, here are the embarrassing questions we all have for the gynecologist. See? Proof that your doctor has heard this stuff already. Now suck it up and ask!

1) Is my hymen visible?

ICYMI, hymens aren’t freshness sealants that violently break when you have sex for the first time. Being curious about them is normal – and it’s good to know what’s going on down there, so just ask!


2) Can you, as a trained scientist, find my g-spot once and for all?

Help us so we can help others. Pay it forward. Show us the way because we’re just making our best guess based on what feels good.


3) I know all vaginas look different, but does mine look *~different~*?

Just give it to me straight, doc.


4) Is there some bare vs. some hair vs. full bush ratio you can let me in on?

I mean for science reasons… and my own peace of mind.


5) Can you develop a tolerance to Plan B?

This one was crowd sourced from a friend. So, if you find out let me know. Is too much of it overkill?


6) Does the speculum come in different sizes?

Pretty sure you just hit my cervix with some metal, so ouch, dude.


7) Can you stop poking my bladder?

I know it’s a confined space but I really don’t want to pee on you.


8) Can you do a lot less talking while you’re down there?

My vagina doesn’t secretly hook up to a microphone. You’re literally talking into it. I know you’re working, but since this rule applies to anyone else who spends a significant amount of time down there: there’s not a lot of need for small talk, y’know?


9) Why does every question about my vagina come framed in context of how many penises I’ve been acquainted with?

Queer women exist y’all and need proper gynecological care. I’m constantly surprised by how my gyno visits are guided by how many dicks I’ve come into contact since my last visit… and no one bothers to ask about female identified partners. I have a friend post on Facebook about looking for a “queer friendly gyno” and I thought she was being a little extra. Apparently not!


10) Why do I tie this gown on to have you dramatically rip it open to examine my breasts?



11) Does the paper gown come in a ‘winter’ option?

Because I’m freezing. Literally wearing paper over here.


12) Is there a blanket in your cabinet or something?

Because. I’m. Freezing.


13) I literally don’t know what you mean by “relax.”

This is less of a question and more of a statement. I need you to know that I’m relaxing to my fullest potential and you need to be okay with where I’m at right now.


14) Please explain what you see on that ultrasound exactly because it looks like grey clouds and they all look the same.

Walk me through this slowly because you’re talking about my ovaries and I have no idea what you’re pointing to.


15) Do you care about my socks?

This is advice from my mom and grandmother: wear nice socks to your gyno appointment. Why? They’re not looking at my feet, as far as I know. Once and for all, I need to know what gynos think about our sock choices.

What are your embarrassing gyno questions? Have you asked them IRL? Let us know in the comments!

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