16 Of The Biggest Fashion Trends For Fall 2016 You Need To Try

There are so many amazing things about the way too short fall season, but arguably one of the best is fall fashion. Whether you’re trying out some of the new trends for a fresh start or you’re pulling on your old favorite flannel shirt, there is something incredibly pleasing about a fall wardrobe. For starters, it’s refreshing to wrap your arms around yourself in a cozy sweater after a few months spent sweating in even a light tank dress. There are also so many options – thanks to that perfect in-between weather, you can wear lighter clothes with layers or cozier clothes. And let’s not forget all of the new fall fashion trends we have to look forward to – there’s something so exciting about doing something different with your wardrobe.

So what can you expect this fall? A lot of throwback styles, a lot of items that have been slowly gaining popularity all summer, and a few unexpected trends thrown into the mix. Of course we have our classic fall favorites – darker colors, lots of plaid and tartan, jackets galore, and plenty of layering – but we also have some new pieces that are sure to become favorites. Now, like I always like to tell you guys, you never have to follow fashion trends and of course you can continue to wear whatever you want. But at the same time, it’s fun to play around with them and make them your own. Get ready for some inspiration and a seriously enviable wish list. Here are 16 of the biggest fashion trends for fall 2016:

Which one of these fall fashion trends are you going to try? Which trend do you hate? Tell us in the comments.

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